«I did not feel prepared to race in MotoGP»

Pedro Acosta (Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia, 2004) is called to be one of the benchmarks in the MotoGP World Championship in the not too distant future. The RedBull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider has landed this season in the intermediate category of the championship under great pressure after sweeping Moto3 in 2021 when he became champion at a record pace under the umbrella of that same team.

At 18 years old, Acosta continues burning stages at the same speed as he breaks early records for riders like Marc Márquez, who has been constantly compared since his arrival at the World Championship and who has already broken some records. Last weekend at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Cheste (Valencia) he put the icing on the cake of his first season in Moto2 with a new victory -the third of 2022- and establishing himself as the best rookie in the always hard-fought intermediate category.

He ends his first season in Moto2 5th overall, 100 points behind the leader. Are you satisfied with your year?
It could have gone better. I've had ups and downs, but the second part of the season has been better, except for Thailand where I didn't get any points because of the rain and the crash in Malaysia.

If you had not suffered the femur injury this summer, would you have fought for the title?

Perhaps not because of the title, but it is true that it would have two zeros less. If he had raced in Assen and Silverstone, he would possibly have continued with the run he had up to that point, but now we have to look forward and look for solutions for 2022.

In Valencia, did you give priority to Augusto's title or your rookie title?

With a nine-point lead, I think Augusto had it good. He was playing at home and, furthermore, Ogura, his rival for the title, had not raced at the Ricardo Tormo last year with Moto2 so I think he had a lot going for him.

What was the hardest thing for you when making the move from Moto3 to Moto2?

In addition to the fact that I weighed seven kilos less than now, I think that all the ambition I had took its toll on me. I arrived wanting to take on the world the first day, but the world put me in my place and it was hard for me to understand that, when it's not your time, it's not your time. Perhaps today I would be fighting for the World Championship if in the races in which I did a zero I had crossed the finish line within the Top10, something that was not too difficult.

How did your riding change when you got into Moto2?

I had to understand how the bike worked and for the bike to understand me and, to tell you the truth, I haven't changed my riding too much. I think at the beginning we focused on changing too many things and now we are on the path where we should have been at the beginning of the season.

Was there a possibility of making the jump to MotoGP in 2023?

It existed, but I didn't feel prepared and it's not worth climbing for the sake of climbing and throwing away a year of my life to climb into MotoGP. I think that everything has its moment in life and next year it was not time. I need to do well in whatever class I'm in before I feel ready to jump.

What is missing to upload with guarantees of good results?

First of all, when I was approached to join a MotoGP team in May, I didn't feel ready because I had four consecutive zeros, I hadn't done podiums or been really competitive except at Le Mans. From then on it was better with the victory in Mugello, sixth in Montmeló, second in Germany... Except for Thailand and Malaysia, I have finished all the races in the top six, so we are reaching the level we wanted from the beginning of the season .

Is your goal to go up in 2024?

My goal is to fight for the title in 2023 or have a season that makes me feel like I'm ready. You shouldn't get into MotoGP at any price, you have to arrive prepared and I take these years as preparation for the jump.

From the outside, what do you think is the bike that would best suit your riding?

I would like to go up hand in hand with KTM. After all, it has been the brand that believed in me and allowed me to go from the Spanish Championship to Moto3 and this year to Moto2.

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