Honk blasts, traffic jams and road insecurity due to cars stopped on Països Catalans avenue in Reus

Cars and vans accumulate daily on Països Catalans avenue in Reus. They stop in the traffic lane, either to go to the pharmacy, enter a bar for a moment, or look for a chicken one lastdownload genre for one of the nearby stores or even to look at the mobile. Whatever the reason, the reality is that, especially in the section of the 24-hour pharmacy, several vehicles tend to accumulate at the same time, even reaching a dozen, which generates all kinds of problems: honks, situations of danger for both drivers and pedestrians and some traffic jams.

Those who live in the area are between accustomed and annoyed. And it is that, despite being such a common situation, it is a nuisance, either because of the noise of the horns or the difficulties they have to enter the parking lot because there is a vehicle stopped in front. However, "the police turn a blind eye quite a lot", they admit both residents and businesses in the area, so it does not seem that the situation is going to improve. «But sometimes Guàrdia Urbana does fine cars that stop in front of chickens one last», indicates a neighbor. In fact, precisely yesterday was one of those days and, at mid-morning, an agent proceeded to take minutes.

The section with the most problems is the 24-hour pharmacy, right next to the dialysis center. A few meters away there is also a lottery manager and a chicken store one last. All this is combined with the roundabout on Avinguda de Riudoms, “which is very slow and collapses at peak times. The queue reaches here, where there is the pharmacy, with a lot of cars that are stopped in one of the traffic lanes”, and it ends up generating chaos, they say from the ONCE kiosk, just located at this point.

The cars join the ambulances from the dialysis center which, despite having an entire reserved area on the other's street, Pau Font de Rubinat, choose to stop on the same avenue. Sometimes, delivery or moving vans are also added. The stationary vehicles take up so much space that they also invade the zebra crossing, where there is a traffic light, and passers-by get restless. These have to be located on the road to gain visibility between the vehicles that circulate, some of them, somewhat distracted after having to dodge the stopped cars.

In addition, there is the problem of those neighbors who have to enter the car park and cannot because there is a vehicle at the entrance. This is when the honks begin without interruption, since the driver in question is in the pharmacy or shopping and, until he realizes it, a few minutes pass.

"In the meantime, there are queues here...", they comment from the kiosk. And it is that, as one of the circulation lanes is collapsed by the cars stopped there, and the second cannot circulate either because the neighbor cannot access the parking lot, all circulation is paralyzed and the horn of other cars add to the whistle "They bother a lot," says a neighbor of one of the blocks in the area.

Even so, they point out that the point that generates the greatest problems is the one in front of the lottery and the chickens one last. Here, the cars stop just after the roundabout in Plaça de la Sardana, where there is a pedestrian crossing and dangerous situations arise. In addition, there is an urban bus stop right there. "Since there are cars, the bus cannot get close to the sidewalk, and users who get on or off end up stepping on the road to bridge the distance between the sidewalk and the bus," says a neighbor.

Here it is also common to find delivery vans. "There is a nearby loading and unloading area (on Mayor Joan Bertran street), but it is always full and they end up stopping here in front," they say from the chicken store. The lack of parking in the area is also the reason indicated by users who usually put on the four blinkers while doing an errand in the area. "Dissuasive car parks fall far away," they say, while finding a space in the adjoining streets is a complicated task if a few minutes are not allocated.

About 800 fines

Parking in a traffic lane is one of the offenses most sanctioned by the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus. Although specifically in the area in front of the Països Catalans 24-hour pharmacy "they turn a blind eye", say the neighbors, sanctions are imposed. During the past year, for example, Guàrdia Urbana filed 831 fines of this type, according to data available on the Open Data portal of the Reus City Council. As for 2022, until July there were already more than 400.

Even so, the most fined offenses by the police force are those related to regulated parking areas and, more specifically, parking in the blue zone without a ticket. In this specific case, Guàrdia Urbana filed 14,166 sanctions last year, while for exceeding the time they were 7,158. Thus, in total this type of fines amounted to 21,324, while this year, between the months of January and July, they already accounted for 13,058.

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