Historical record of tourists in Tarragona this summer

The mayor of Tarragona and president of the Tarragona Municipal Tourist Board (PMTT), Pau Ricomà, presented this Wednesday, November 9, the tourist balance for the summer of 2022, which corresponds to the dates that go from June 16 to September 15 . During that season, Tarragona recorded an absolute record for tourists and overnight stays, with figures never seen before in the historical series of the city.

During the summer of 2022, the city registered a record number of tourists, with 199,679 arrivals at hotels and campsites (an increase of 25% compared to 2021 and 23% compared to 2019), while overnight stays at hotels and campsites will reach 934,761, which translates into a global increase of 77% compared to 2021, when there were 524,796 overnight stays at campsites and hotels in the city of Tarragona.

Both indices reveal a clear recovery in tourism in the city of Tarragona, although the spectacular increase in overnight stays stands out, which is due not only to an improvement in the city's tourist behavior, but also to the week-long packs that are mostly being offered by city ​​campsites. This reservation modality causes an increase in overnight stays and therefore also in the average nights of stay, which has gone from 4.12 days in 2021 (5.16 in 2019) to 6.34 this year in campsites. Overall, the average stay was 4.67 nights, far exceeding the 3.30 nights in 2021 and the 3.99 in 2019.

With regard to employment, the data is equally positive: with a stable hotel and camping offer compared to pre-pandemic times, 82% occupancy has been exceeded, almost 8 points above 2019, the last pre-pandemic year, with a similar hotel offer. Compared to 2021, the increase exceeds 20 percentage points, although in this case it must be taken into account that there were still movement restrictions and therefore it is considered a year of transition towards tourism recovery.

Another relevant piece of information offered by the Tourism Observatory is the clear recovery of the international market (especially European), which has exceeded 40% of arrivals, even with source markets in Eastern Europe that are currently on hold due to the instability of the zone. In total, of the more than 934,000 overnight stays, 57% were Spanish tourists, while 43% were foreign tourists. In comparison, in a year of exceptional tourism such as 2021, foreign tourism represented 17% in summer, but in 2019 this year's figures had not been reached either, since tourists of foreign origin represented 37% of arrivals. . The main issuing markets are the Netherlands, France and Germany, with shares of around 10%.

Regarding the Spanish market, a strong increase in arrivals from the rest of Spain has been detected, which have exceeded arrivals from within Catalonia, standing at 53% and 47% respectively, when in recent years the similar proportions but at the reverse.

Finally, the data also indicates a very good assessment of the season within the tourism sector, which scores 7.64 for the level of employment and 7.56 for the progress of business.

"Tarragona is fashionable"

On these data, Pau Ricomà wanted to highlight that "Tarragona is in fashion" and although he has assured that from the PMTT the sensations throughout the year were "very good", the objective data of the Tourist Data System of the Eurecat Tourism Observatory have exceeded expectations. "Tarragona has experienced the best summer season in its history," concluded the mayor of Tarragona.

Among the challenges for "not dying of success" the mayor has highlighted, "the deseasonalization with more tourist offer throughout the year, the diversification of this offer and, consequently, the extension to new areas of the city of tourist flows; the firm commitment to green tourism with new products that ensure the arrival of this type of visitor and the growth of the hotel offer from the POUM to consolidate Tarragona as the venue for major sporting events”.

At the level of statistical data, the mayor has also stated that the intention is "to also add those of the tourist apartments to have a more precise photograph of the moment and monitor this type of accommodation, which is not in alarming numbers but according to the evolution, it could need a surgical regulation in certain areas so that they do not come to stress the real estate market”.

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