he doesn't want Agné to continue

Raül Agné's credit with the Nàstic fans is exhausted. If he has never had it. In a survey carried out by the Diari de Tarragona, 78% of the votes cast are against the Mequinenza coach continuing on the Nou Estado bench. An overwhelming majority that contrasts with the decision made by the Nàstic Board of Directors to keep the coach in office. Of course, with an ultimatum on the table: either he wins six points in the next two days or he will be dismissed. 14.5% would keep Raül Agné in office. He continues to trust the coach who brought the team to the brink of promotion to the Second Division and is convinced that the team will take flight. Only 7.5% support the decision of the board of directors to offer a last card.

For several weeks the Nàstic fans have shown their anger with the team's performances. Especially away from home. “The change is late. It is not necessary to dismiss him for the results, but for the game that the team has practiced. It's football from 30 years ago. Only by watching a match against Andorra or Albacete, from last year, for example, do you see the difference with our game," wrote Josep Reverte (@JosepReverteGa1) on Twitter. Along the same lines, Xavi Cacho pointed out on Facebook: «He absolutely should not continue. Away from home we throw the games and we have a small team mentality whose objective is permanence. We are here to fight for more important things than this. Our proposal has to be more courageous, since we have a team to play better.

Others comment that "the season should no longer have started", since his "second seasons in the same team are very negative".

There are also less alarmists, like Armando Franco: "Winning the next two games we are in normal numbers... another thing is the game from one game to another." In any case, the technician faces a critical situation with the social mass of Nàstic against him.

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