Great castles in Santa Úrsula to say goodbye to the season

It was ten minutes past twelve when the Xiquets de Valls entered the Plaza del Blat on time. The fans of the human towers, but also the entire world of human towers, were aware that they would experience a performance that could be historic, for this reason, the influx to the square did justice to what was going to happen. The performance began a little late due to the dances of different elements, but after half past twelve Els Segadors was sung and a estelada was unfolded under the watchful eye of the Minister of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, Natàlia Garriga, and former directors Jordi Turull and Jordi Rull.

The draw to decide the order of performance was carried out by the cartoonist Pilarín Bayés, and she determined that the gang at the opening of the square would be the Colla Joves Xiquets de Valls. The Red Devils started the first round with 4d9sf. As soon as the seconds went up, the entire audience applauded the attempt they were going to make, and the ovation was repeated when the rooms had already gone up. They did not see it very clearly, and decided to go down, dismounted, to retake sizes of the castle. They square the pineapple again, and the ovation was repeated. This time they did see it well, that's why they began to sound jackdaws. The castle climbed worked by a line, and was closed by the upper floors, but the Red Devils unloaded it, causing the euphoria of the whole group, and also the square. Now the pressure went to the other side: in the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls. Those in the pink shirt also had clear ideas, and their starting castle was 4d9fp, which they had already tried during the performance of the First Sunday of Fiestas in Tarragona, but had burned. Exactly, like the Colla Joves, the square applauded the castle that was about to witness, and they also did a dismounted foot. They squared him up again, aware that the start of the performance was very important, and that's why they insured him. The second foot gave better sensations, and they threw it up. The structure of 4 worked hard from the beginning, but those in the pink shirt knew how to defend the lashes that he presented to them on different occasions. With all the members of 4 already below the lining, the square began to shout with joy and the pillar was unloading between celebrations. First 4d9fp of the season for La Vella and for the entire casteller world. With the pineapple already disassembled, a great moment of collective euphoria was experienced, one of those that make your hair stand on end.

There was no time to lose, and the Youth was already setting up the pineapple for her next castle; the 2d8sf. History repeated itself; the square applauded and cheered again when the seconds came up, but they did a dismounted foot. A few minutes had passed when the castle was squared again, and the seconds were placed on the pineapple. The 2d8sf was going up a bit scrambled from the start, but the acotxador had doubts, as he made an attempt to put down, but the "no!" The entire plaza as a whole caused it to continue rising, albeit without conviction. When he was about to get high he would back down again, and finally the castle jumped through the floor of fifths. After the great euphoria during the first round, Joves had a delicate moment, where she had to decide what she was going to do so as not to lose the course of the day, and achieve her goals. To clear up doubts, and gain confidence, they downloaded a solid 3d9f, which was not a problem for them. Tour of the Colla Vella. Those in the pink shirt wanted to face the second great challenge of the day; the 2d8sf that they had loaded in the Contest, and had already unloaded in Tarragona. The castle was already climbing with a certain tremor, thirds and fourths had to work hard on it, but after the fin they dominated it and unloaded it, recreating one of the great moments of this Santa Úrsula in Plaça del Blat. The cries of "i Vella, y Vella, y Vella" and "it's Vella's fault" resounded among the children's hugs.

The third round was coming, and the Colla Joves wanted to raise their heads again by unloading the first 5d9f of the year, which they had already loaded twice. It took them a long time to square it, and with thirds and fourths on the lining, they couldn't see it clearly, and they made a disassembled foot. Time to take a breath, and take measurements of the castle again, to guarantee its success. The structure already climbed very worked on one side of three, where the fit between the lining and the third showed problems as weight was placed. However, they loaded it, and it seemed that they achieved the epic of unloading it, but at the exit of the twos, the forces gave way, and this part of the three ended up sinking, causing an ugly fall, opening the pineapple. The performance was in stadby because the ambulances had to leave and the medical services were treating different people, therefore, we had to wait to continue. This caused the Diada to stop for almost an hour. However, it did not make the Colla Vella give up in 3d9sf. After the strike they took on sizes, and this castle began to take shape. They did not think twice and went up with a certain tremor. The enxaneta had doubts, and decided to go down, while the stalker had not heard the order, and was placed. It was at that moment that the enxaneta wanted to go back up, going down again. The castle had already held on too long, and it was finally giving way. Who knows if without these doubts la Vella would have been able to reload 3d9sf. They decided not to get too complicated and ended up with a good 3d9f.

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