Freshly Cosmetics opens its logistics center in Gandesa and expects to create 100 jobs

After a brief stay in two small warehouses in Batea (Terra Alta), Freshly Cosmetics arrived at the industrial estate 'La Plana' of Gandesa the month of May 2018, with a warehouse of just over 500 m².

Four and a half years later, with more than 1.2M clients from 36 countries begins operations in its new logistics center, with nearly 14,000 m² of surface area, 11,000 of which have been built. the campaign of black FridayThe most important of the natural cosmetics startup, which will start on Sunday, November 20, will kick off operations from the new space that has involved an investment of 5 million euros.

This new logistics center will allow scaling the logistics operations of Freshly Cosmetics up to 200 million euros and will create hundreds of jobs in the coming years in the areas of logistics, supply chain, engineering and projects. Everything to continue growing and opening up to new markets around the world, from Gandesa.

In recent years, the native digital and sustainable company has occupied up to 7 warehouses in the industrial estate in the capital of Terra Alta. At the end of 2020, the need to build a new logistics center began to be considered, which would allow it to adapt its growth capacity and unify its storage, handling and order preparation operations in a single space.

The new facilities will have up to 120 order preparation areas, about 6,000 square meters of warehouse and 800 m² of offices for Gandesa's Freshly Team.

With all this, the new facilities will allow a maximum capacity for issuing up to 4,200 orders per hourto keep up with growth on a national and international scale. The company's headquarters will remain in Reus, in the Freshly Parkwith more than 1,500 m².

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