Flix calls on Ercros to postpone the closure of the chemical factory

Extend the operation of the phosphate plant, to allow a more orderly closure, the reconversion of subcontracted companies and facilitate the arrival of new investments to the chemical complex. It is the demand that the workers and the Flix City Council make of the Ercros company, with the support of the Generalitat.

This Tuesday a meeting took place in the municipality of Ribera d'Ebre with the General Director of Government Labor Relations, Òscar Riu, in which less drastic solutions were proposed than the definitive closure of the factory announced by the company for the next January 1.

According to the mayor of the municipality, Francesc Barbero, Ercros has the capacity and resources to look for alternatives that allow this extension. «It is not acceptable that such a momentous decision be communicated a month and a half after the closure. We ask the company to reconsider the date, to explore the ways of extension, which are feasible, for as many months as necessary, to find solutions for the affected companies and for the chemical complex." In this sense, remember that the municipality's reindustrialization plan has open lines of work, which could go ahead with the resources of the new Nuclear Transition Fund, starting next 2023. The fund is endowed with 24 million euros per year, to encourage new investments and economic activities in the Catalan nuclear areas (of which Flix is ​​also a part), given the closure of the reactors in a horizon of little more than ten years.

Riu stressed that labor regulations also allow measures to achieve "a productive transformation in the plant", either with greater investment "or with other possible business actors that can take over".

Thus, both Barbero and Riu demand "social responsibility" from Ercros. "The territory that has welcomed them for more than a hundred years deserves it," said the general director of Labor Relations.

As Diari has already advanced, the contracts for the supply of hydrochloric acid and for the sale of dicalcium phosphate produced in the factory end on December 31 and have not been renewed with Covestro and the French company Phosphea, respectively. Ercros' decision, notified the same week that record profits were reported by the company, affects some fifty direct workers, and a hundred auxiliary companies and subcontracted services, most of them local.

The president of the Ercros works council, Enric Cervelló, highly valued the meeting with the Generalitat and assured that they will negotiate with the company to seek less drastic solutions than the definitive closure and layoffs.

Institutional statement

Committee members were also present at the Flix City Council plenary session in which an institutional declaration of support was approved. «We confirm once again, the null intention of Ercros to invest in the production plants of Flix. This closure will culminate 25 years of disinvestment and layoffs in the production center that had been the flag and support of the group on many past occasions. That is why we demand that the company be a facilitator of new activities on its land," the statement remarks. "With the conviction that Flix is ​​much more than a factory and that it has a future rather than a past, we call on citizens to support the affected families, local businesses and participate in community activities in the coming months," he concludes.

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