Fixing the cracks caused by the A-27 in Lille will cost more than 600,000 euros

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda will indemnify the residents of Lilla affected by the cracks caused by the blasting of works to build the A-27 highway, which runs from Tarragona to Montblanc, with more than 600,000 euros.

In total, almost all the houses in this Montblanc district were damaged, ninety out of a hundred properties. Public buildings such as the Sant Joan de Lilla church, the municipal cemetery and the social premises of the neighborhood association are also affected.

To this day, only some of the people affected know the assessments of the expert reports that have been carried out. Segundo has affirmed the mayoress of Lilla in the Daily, Glòria Rovira, many residents are unaware of the results of the amounts that will be granted to them. "A good part of the town is still missing, we are more or less halfway through," he assured.

At the end of 2019, the first cracks began to appear in several houses, coinciding with the blasting of the construction of the A-27 motorway, which is located very close to this district of Montblanc.

much higher amounts

"The Acciona company came with its experts and made some assessments that were going nowhere," argued the mayoress pedanea. The neighbors said they did not agree and even protested.

The ministry reached an agreement with those affected and commissioned the inspections by a "neutral" expert about seven months ago, according to Rovira. She was an architect from the College of Architects of Tarragona, being the third expert opinion in the entire process, which has lasted three years.

Josep Andreu, mayor of Montblanc, has acknowledged that despite being "something very provisional", it seems that it has come closer to what the residents were asking for than to what the construction company had said. According to Andreu, going from 40,000 euros –which Acciona had estimated in its first expert reports– to 600,000 euros is very positive. "Basically, they have agreed almost entirely with the residents of Lilla," said the mayor.

However, the money does not quite reach the costs that the neighborhood had requested to repair the cracks. «There are people who have received what they had asked for, there are neighbors who are somewhat less and some more. Now we need to know the total what it will be, we don't know yet, "said Rovira.

The amount of 600,000 euros is a figure for all those affected, but that money will be distributed based on the severity of the damage and the impact of the cracks in each home. That is why the expert continues to make architectural assessments, individually, in all the houses with cracks.

Valuations before the end of the year

With half made from the Lille City Council, they believe that "it will not take too long" and it is expected to have all these resolutions before the end of the year.

On the other hand, there has also been the case of a petition that has finally been dismissed, since it has been determined that the cracks would be prior to the year 2019.

When each of the affected homes has been valued, each individual must decide whether to accept or reject the resolution. Once accepted, the procedure can be started to collect the amounts and start the repair works.

The amount is 15 times higher than what the construction company had originally planned

"The ministry prepared a document that each owner will sign, saying that they agree to the compensation, the money will be given and it will be over," the mayor concluded.

According to the mayor of Montblanc, the vast majority of those affected seem to agree with the proposal that they have received. According to Rovira, if individuals do not accept the amounts that come out now, they will have to carry out legal procedures and bring in other experts, which can lead to another five years of waiting, due to the delays involved in this type of administrative process.

Bearing in mind that most of the residents have not fixed the damage to their homes while waiting to receive compensation, both mayors believe that "everyone will accept" the amounts granted to them to definitively close this process.

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