Five complaints a day in Tarragona for sexist violence this year

The police receive an average of five complaints per day only in Tarragona for sexist violence during this 2022. This is what is extracted from the police balance of the Conselleria d'Interior for the first half of the year. There are 911 in total, 712 in the Camp de Tarragona and another 199 in the Ebre.

The figures are similar to those of 2021. That course ended with 1,844 complaints, a figure also very similar to that of 2019, before the pandemic.

In these first two quarters of the year, 954 victims of intimate partner violence have been treated, just over five each day. All these figures are indicative of the fact that more and more is being denounced but also of the important weight that this scourge occupies in society.

The number of detainees is also high. There have been 479 people. Four of them were minors. Likewise, there have been 136 breaches of sentences, a crime in which the abuser violates the precautionary measures that have been imposed, for example, approaching the victim less than the allowed distance.

But the balance is even higher if you look at another source, the statistics of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which monitors in detail the impact of violence on women in the courts. There, the complaints filed through police intervention are taken into account, but also those that can be channeled directly through the courts.

In the first quarter, the last period available, there were 685 complaints received in the province, more than seven a day. Six out of ten complainants were Spanish and the remaining four foreigners. This balance also allows us to see what type of affective relationship exists between the person who accuses and the person denounced. In 48% of cases, the couple was already broken. Of this percentage, 40% are 'ex' of a relationship and the remaining 8% are ex-spouses, so that there had already been a marriage union. In 52% of the other cases, the relationship was still going on, although the degree of commitment must be differentiated: in 14% the complaint is made under the marital umbrella and in 37% it is simply an affective relationship that is valid.

two forced marriages

Another type of sexist violence collected by the police forces is that which is exercised in the family, not within the couple. In the first semester there were 185 complaints in Tarragona, one a day. That translated into 213 victims treated and almost 100 arrests.

Perhaps one of the most interesting indicators reflected by Interior is forced marriages, since 2020 considered sexist violence in the family. So far in 2022 there have been two victims treated at the Camp de Tarragona, both minors. In Catalonia, the figure rises to 11, eight minors and three over 18 years of age. The emergence of this type of crime is a real challenge for the police authorities, given that it is a reality that tends to remain hidden.

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