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Raül Agné has played his role as manager of Nàstic so many times that the game against Numancia is just one more game. It is not the first time that the Tarragona coach has gone to the operating room risking his life. He has become routine and in the wire that football lives, he moves like a fish in water. The dead man has always risen because he understands that when no one expects anything, it is always easier to hit. Today against Numancia it is only worth winning. Not even the tie saves him. Everything that is not a victory will mean the end of his adventure at the Nou Estadi.

The road has been full of curves and in front of the Soria team it could come to an end. Four lives he has already saved. Last season he had two ultimatums and this season he has had two match ball against Amorebieta and Murcia in which he has also resisted. Will there be a fifth?

What differentiates this match ball from the rest is that in this one there is no rumor mill. Agné's position is at stake and has been made official by the Grana club. David Comamala was in charge of confirming the news that the 'Diari' advanced last Sunday at a press conference offered last Monday. Sunday morning pointed to the dismissal of the Mequinenza coach, but the sports director managed to convince the Board of Directors so that Agné would have one more life.

That yes, must add six of six points. Beat Numancia at home and SD Logroñés at Gaunas. Two games in a row. Either that or nothing. The clothing of the Nou Estadi is no longer enough to save him from the chimera. To be at the top you have to win far from comfort and if you don't you end up submerged in the lower part of the classification in which Nàstic is right now.

Full support of Comamala

What has allowed the coach of the Tarragona entity to continue to have the support of the head of the sporting field is that David Comamala sees a clear growth of the team at a football level beyond the results.

He understands that he has to win now, but he also believes that the Grana team has a growing game dynamic that can clothe them in victory immediately.

An exciting game was offered against Murcia and against Real Sociedad B the best half hour as a visitor of the season was completed. He lacked fang and then in the second half he turned to a thicker version in which the mental factor and the changes did not finish giving him that air that the team requested.

There is evidence and it is that in these types of games the cards are on the table. Everyone knows what is being played and it is usual for coaches to place those footballers in the field in whom they feel total support and confidence.

Few changes in the eleven

"Die with yours" is the phrase that is often used in these contexts. Agné will not be different and if he falls he will be faithful to the idea of ​​the game that he has tried to implement this season and placing in the green the players that he believes will be closest to executing his philosophy. He is not far from the image he saw against Murcia, so the challenge is as simple as it is complicated. Question of context, question of personality.

The Mequinenza coach will insist on his usual 4-4-2 and could even do it again with the same chosen eleven as against Murcia and Real Sociedad B. Manu García in goal; Alex Tirlea and Joan Oriol in the rails; Josema and Marc Trilles in the rear; Marc Montalvo and Pedro Del Campo in the engine room; Marc Álvarez and Rey on the wings; and at the tip of the attack, Guillermo and Pablo Fernández.

As for casualties, Nàstic has doubts about Alex Quintanilla. The Basque center-back assured in a press conference that he did not know if he would be ready for Saturday. Everything indicates that no risks will be taken with him and he will be the only loss that the Grana team presents for the final that is ahead of him today against Numancia.

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