fifteen years carrying popular culture in the street

What was initially born as a group of friends who liked the world of popular culture has ended up becoming an entire entity with around fifty members – between the ages of five and 80 – and numerous figures, including highlight the Basilisk, the Dragonet and the Home dels Nassos, which only comes out on the last day of the year.

The Colla Gegantera la Cosquilla de Valls celebrates 15 years of street culture. This year they have changed venues and moved to Calle Sant Antoni, sharing space with the Coral Aroma Vallenca.

«In 2007 we set up an animation, puppet and theater group. We were about five and later more young people were added, until we reached a dozen members, "recalls Sergi Iglesias, the president of the entity.

«We had four pieces of dolls and we made the animation group. At the beginning, we acted in the premises that we had in Avenir street, in Valls». They did traditional works and also some created by themselves, both puppets and theater. And the animation group acted mainly in Valls and made some outings to towns.

«The founders were then 12 years old. For this reason, at the beginning we created a youth association, being minors. When we turned 18 then they were already part of a general association. He remembers that in the first months it was the Colla Gegantera Vallenca, "because we hadn't found any names."

But already that same year they were renamed as they are currently called. They themselves created the first giant – Harlequin – and Drac «and we premiered at the Santa Úrsula children's school parade. It was the first official outing. So, the entertainment group also entertained many birthday parties and even communions.

Over the years, tadpoles and giants were incorporated, some bought them and others made them themselves. Also the costumes and the instruments.

An important step came in 2011 with the premiere of the first big giants: Queen Leonor and Pedro de Lusignan. They are not the current ones. They are the ones that the Colla Joves had in disuse.

They had been made in 1999, they were dressed as castellers but the group of giants transformed them into kings. “The new ones look totally different, although they represent kings. They weigh more, the clothes are velvet and the crowns are solid.

In 2017, on the occasion of the ten years of the entity, a big party was set up, with an act every month. In January, at the Teatre Principal, they put on a show produced by them. And December ended with the presentation of the book of the 10 years of the group.

In between, in June, he appeared at the Basilisco, although the first year he did not appear at the Seguici. "People liked it and told us to present a project to the City Council," recalls Sergi Iglesias. And they do it like that.

The entity is currently made up of 50 members, who are between five and 80 years old.

One of the curiosities was the birth of the small Basilisk, by San Juan de 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. «First there was an egg on the balcony of the entity. The egg grew larger and moved to the middle of the forest, where the little basilisk was born, a moment broadcast on the networks.

In 2019 they presented Les Corts, a formal and solemn act where the life of Queen Eleanor, who lived in Valls for a few years, is recreated. This year it will be performed for the second time. It will be this Sunday from half past nine in the morning within the events of the Santa Úrsula Fair.

The giants of the group will leave from Carrer de la Cort and will pass through the places where Leonor had a relationship, such as Torratxa, where she had the summer palace. There the invited historical giants will be added. In the afternoon they will go out for a walk again, ending with the formal act and solemn dances at six in the cloister of the Carme convent.

Today's minutes from the Santa Úrsula Fair

me 22nd Exhibition of School and children's Bestiary. From the walks of the Captuxins and the Station and Portal Nou, to the Pati (5:30 p.m.)

me Banded of the sculpture the Casteller. El Pati (7:00 p.m.)

me Santa Ursula Market. Parradellas promenade (from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

me Inauguration of the exhibition '125 years of the bell tower'. Sant Roc Hall (7 p.m.)

me Popular dinner of the fire groups of the Union Rings of the Flame. Arches of the Paborde Winery (10 p.m.)

me Concert with Josep Maria Cantimplora and The Regordettes. Oil Square (11 p.m.)

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