ExproReus returns after the pandemic with collaborative robots

The population of Reus had an appointment this Saturday 8 to celebrate the return of exproReus, after two years on hiatus due to the pandemic, and has kicked off its 50th edition in the morning. Citizens will be able to visit the multisectoral fair until next Wednesday, October 12, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (The gastronomic area will be open until 10 p.m.).

Hundreds of attendees have come to the start of the fair by car, and since there is a greater influx of municipal buses, there have also been those who have opted for public transport: taking lines 80 or 50, which have been passing, for the occasion, each half an hour.

The turnout of people in the morning has been a dropper, but without ceasing. The weather in the morning has given a truce, midday has been through water and by the afternoon, the matter has stabilized with cloudy weather. Outside, when the weather has allowed, several families and couples interested in the automotive offer have gathered, as well as in the different exhibitors of gastronomic products and tasting area. In addition to cars and motorcycles, the event hosts a wide range of sectors, as usual: in the covered exhibition area, visitors have been able to get advice at their own pace in areas such as home, technology - the great bet of the present publishing–, health, collecting and even leisure –this one, with a special emphasis on children, since there are different activities designed for them–.

The technological commitment has been made clear through several exhibitors: the children, precisely, have worked on concepts such as home automation, through interactive games with mini-robots, something that has helped them become familiar with the automation of processes in a home.

The future is here"

Continuing in the technological field, another of the claims of exproReus are the cobot or collaborative robots. During the day this Saturday, these curious assistants have attracted the attention of adults and children, who have observed how they were moving in the space of the exhibitor of the company, specialized in technological solutions for hospitality, industry and retail, Tarongeta. «We have adapted our space as if it were a cafeteria, we show how a programmed robot would help a waiter in the distribution of dishes, the future is here; it gains in efficiency and we avoid the worker carrying weight and moving around so much, they simply serve and supervise”, pointed out the director of Tarongeta, Jordi Ríos. Her colleague, the commercial Míriam Gómez, has described the robots as "trays with wheels, the human factor is combined with the technological one".

Depending on the capacity of these collaborative tools –three types are exhibited at the fair–, the robot is used for a specific use. Ríos and Gómez have contributed that apart from the hospitality sector, there are also robots for factories, "useful for moving products, here we have one and it is a little larger than the one that helps the waiter", they have pointed out. The smallest that they show in exproReus is the one that "takes care" of the marketingHe walks around the fair wearing exproReus promotional posters and informing everyone who looks at him.

Health, as we said, is present at the multisectoral fair. The stand of the stylist Pili Arenas, dedicated to oncological aesthetics, is an example. "This is the second time that I am present at the fair and making ourselves visible is something important, especially for people who do not know where to go when they start a treatment and their hair falls out, both men and women," said Arenas, showing handkerchiefs and wigs.

The opening

The official inauguration has counted, on the other hand, with the presence of personalities from the business world and also connected with the 80-year history of the provincial trade fair and which is being held this year, as well as political authorities. Before the official speeches began, the pianist Lídia Papió offered a few minutes of music and immediately afterwards, the Councilor for the Economy, Coneixement i Habitatge and CEO of REDESSA, Teresa Pallarès, emphasized the edition of the fair, of a "special". "We thank the companies that have opted to return to the fair," she said. She has also distinguished the automotive industry as a basic pillar for the city.

The mayor recalled that this year is celebrated twice and that the city is a leader in the technological branch. “We have introduced digitization elements and robots in exproReus and we also explain through posters many of the initiatives that are developed under our umbrella, such as Tecnolab or the ICT Incubator”, she declared. Pallarès has stated that the fair has reached its current level "thanks to the work of many people", he said, praising several, including the Reus Chamber of Commerce.

The mayor of Reus, Carles Pellicer, has taken over in the parliaments and has started his speech with a sense "we missed exproReus, it is an event that is endearing". Pellicer has paid tribute to those who "has accompanied the fair" all these years and has confirmed its status as a reference in the territory. "We come from difficult times and it is appreciated to have so many companies that support the event," said the mayor.

Just, for his part, has interjected, about the talent of the territory, that "we should believe it much more, we are a metropolitan area and we have to get used to the idea of ​​it, of our talent and export it". During his speech, he alluded to the importance of interconnection in the territory, something that is being worked on.

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