Ercros closes the Flix factory

Ercros closes the Flix factory. The management of the chemical company has summoned the union representatives this Friday to inform them of the beginning of a process of collective dismissal of the phosphate plant, which will cease activity as of January 1, 2023. The measure affects around fifty staff workers, but also a hundred more employees of subcontracted companies. As of November 18, the company will begin negotiations with the representatives of the workers, the CCOO and UGT unions.

The phosphates line was the last production line at the Flix factory, which thus remains inactive after 125 years.

Company sources have confirmed in the Diari the start of this collective dismissal process. They attribute it to the "impossibility of renewing the hydrochloric acid supply contracts" for the manufacture of dicalcium phosphate, "due to the situation of the markets and the prospects for evolution in the coming years."

The company committee held a meeting this Friday to inform the workers. As explained in the Diari, the president of the committee, Enric Cervelló, will negotiate to obtain relocations, retirements and the best conditions for all the outgoing staff.

The announcement has been made just the day that Ercros has announced record profits of 50.52 million euros until September, 93.1 percent more than during the same period last year.

Flix workers denounce that the company has refused to invest in the Ribera de Ebro plant for many years, as it has done with the rest of the group's factories. "They have let him die."

In the municipality there had been concern for weeks, due to the non-concretion of the three-way contract between Ercros, Covestro and a French company, which ends on December 31 and on which the continuity of production depended. "But we did not think that the decision would be so drastic, the definitive closure," says Cervelló, who understands it as a strong blow for the entire municipality of Flix.

The mayor, Francesc Barbero, details in the Diari that the City Council will be together with the workforce, while also intensifying the work for the reindustrialization of the municipality.

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