ERC rules out Cruset, values ​​independents for the Port of Tarragona and points to Xifré in the Delegation

The machinery is already in full swing in the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) to prepare, after the departure of Junts per Catalunya, the historic docking at the Port Authority and the return to the Camp de Tarragona Government Delegation. As he has learned the DailyAfter confirming this week the Executive Council of President Pere Aragonès and the General Secretaries of the Ministries with profiles from inside and outside the party that "represent the consensus of 80% of the citizenry", now the formation led by Oriol Junqueras addresses with the same philosophy its arrival at the Port and the maximum representation of the Generalitat in the counties of Tarragona, two administrations that, added to the mayor's office of the Tarragona City Council, the deputy mayor's office of Reus and the presidency of the Diputación will grant the republicans the greatest territorial power that it is remembered from the time of the now extinct Convergència i Unió by Jordi Pujol.

At the moment, the sources consulted by this newspaper confirm that the first steps have already been taken to be able to configure the new structure of the Generalitat in Tarragona and, likewise, of the port administration, in a process that, for the time being, It has begun with the reception of CVs that now “will be valued”.

Likewise, it is planned to close the folder of numbers with the opinions of the regional executives of the Campo de Tarragona, Tierras del Ebro and Baix Penedès, in coordination with the corresponding ministries, some of which are led by independents such as the former convergent Carles Campuzano (Social Rights), the former leader of Podemos Catalunya Gemma Ubasart (Justice) or the former socialist Joaquim Nadal (Universities and Research), who precisely this Tuesday signed Quim Nin (PDeCAT) as his number '2'.

The sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that the republican formation is clear that the Government Delegation will be occupied by a person from the party, while they also point out that independent profiles and militants of the formation for the Port Authority are "valued". This institution wants a "professional manager", who knows the sector well and who has "a metropolitan vision of the Port as a pillar of the strategic issues of the Camp de Tarragona".

Sergi de los Rios, 'no' in the Port

For now, despite not having defined yet who will hold what will be Esquerra's first presidency in the Port (it has always been in the hands of the convergent space and the PSC), what has been decided in the meetings held to date is that the continuity of Josep Maria Cruset (Junts) at the head of the Port nave is ruled out. "We have great confidence in the technicians of the Port Authority and, for the presidency, a person who is committed to a country model closer to what Esquerra defends will be chosen," affirm the sources consulted.

As this newspaper has been able to contrast, ERC has had to give up its first option to relieve Cruset, as was the former deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia and former deputy mayor of the Tarragona City Council, Sergi de los Rios. Foreign trade professional, the former Tarragona councilor has declined the possibility for work reasons. Undoubtedly, the uncertainty about the future that the new Aragonès executive may have – with only 33 guaranteed votes out of 135 in the Catalan legislative chamber and without the guarantee of being able to count on a new budget for 2023 – can complicate the search. of the "professional manager" that the ERC leadership wants to preside over the Port Authority.

Experience for the Delegation

At the same time, the other great institution that should be announced shortly will be the Camp de Tarragona Government Delegation, which for the time being is still occupied by Teresa Pallarès (Together). Everything indicates that Reus will be dismissed next week. To relieve her, the list of numbers is still extensive, although there is one that stands out above the rest: Àngel Xifré. The mayor of Almoster and territorial delegate of Climate Action is the best positioned to be the next new highest representative of the Government in the Tarragona counties. From ERC he is valued for his "extensive experience" in the administration and for the fact that he "is already part" of the territorial cabinet, being a key piece in the machinery of the Department led by Teresa Jordà.

"We need a person who gives an immediate performance and who does not need a learning time", is emphasized from Esquerra. This same summer, for example, he managed the emergency arising from the drought so that the Riudecanyes Reservoir Irrigation Community could finish the irrigation campaign. He had previously been the territorial delegate for Innovation, Universities and Business between 2006 and 2010. He is 61 years old, is a Secondary School professor, has a degree in Mathematical Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Citizen Participation and Communication. Likewise, he is the Secretary of Municipal Policy of the ERC in Camp de Tarragona, so he "has a good knowledge of the entire territory".

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