Electric towers removed from the Valls stream to recover the natural area

During the first fortnight of this month of November, the section of the Catllar stream between the Valls Agricultural Cooperative and the bus station will be free of electrical towers.

It is one more step so that this space can be recovered as a leisure and nature area, which is the objective that the City Council has set itself.

The removal of the towers is part of a broader investment –which has already materialized– by Endesa with the aim of reinforcing the electricity supply to Valls customers and, at the same time, preparing it to be able to absorb greater demand.

Also to promote the electrification of demand, a key aspect to accelerate the decarbonization process and fight to combat climate change. The works involve an investment of more than 200,000 euros, contributed entirely by the electricity company

Endesa has already extended new sections of medium voltage cable at 25 kV, 586 meters long –wiring that replaces the dismantled towers–, which runs through the streets of Muralla de San Francisco, Castillo wall, Vapor de Maó, Santa Teresa , of the Theater and Brothers of San Gabriel.

In this way, transformation centers that until now were isolated are linked and create what is technically called an electrical link. It makes it possible, in the event of an incident or indisposition of one of the main lines, to provide service to affected customers through alternative routes (recovering power and customers more quickly).

This has repercussions not only on a reduction in the replacement time, but also on the fact that, in cases of scheduled work or maintenance of the network, no supply interruption will be necessary.

During the month of June, some towers were removed and, according to the electricity company, there were six left, of which two were removed last week and the rest will be removed during this first fortnight, with an investment of 97,000 euros. Currently, by the different torrents of Valls next to the town center there are still 47 electrical towers.

2023 is withdrawn

sewage pipes passing

through the torrents

With these works, apart from modernizing the electrical network, some artificial elements that affect the landscape and the natural environment of these torrents are removed. The action is part of the progressive recovery of the torrents that the City Council is promoting to open them in the city as spaces for leisure and nature.

It is expected that during 2023, thanks to the agreement between the Catalan Water Agency and the City Council, the works to remove wastewater collectors, pipes that still pass through torrents, will begin.

The work, with a budget of nine million euros, would begin in a first phase by the El Catllar stream, which has a budget of 4.5 million. This will make it possible to put an end to wastewater leaks in torrents that can be caused by broken pipes and that affect the natural environment.

The project also contemplates removing the treatment plant from the industrial estate and thus putting an end to episodes of bad odors that affect the Fornás and northern neighborhoods of Valls.

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