Dismantled a marijuana trafficking network with ramifications in Tarragona

National Police agents, in a joint operation with the Civil Guard and Mossos d'Esquadra, have seized more than 50 tons of marijuana by dismantling eight plantations in two Catalan provinces.

The operation has been carried out in four phases, seizing a total of 40 tons in the last two and 11 tons during the two previous phases. A total of 20 people have been arrested in the four phases in which the investigation was carried out and eight plantations have been dismantled – seven in the province of Barcelona and one in the province of Tarragona (La Pobla de Massaluca)-.

The so-called VIKIN-ALIJO VERDE operation has consisted of four phases in which a total of eight macro-plantations of marijuana, mostly in the Maresme area, where more than 51 tons of this vegetable substance have been seized, and a total of 20 people arrestedfor the crimes of fraud of electric fluid and against public health.

After the first two phases in which a total of 11 tons of narcotic substances were seized, the third phase of the investigation began after finding documentation in one of the records, of a trading company located in the province of Tarragona and that it was supposedly related to the previously dismantled plantations.

Complex orography of the terrain and difficult access

The investigations of the agents allowed to locate a rustic farm where the plantation would be locatedIt was located in a remote area with very difficult access, which added to the orography of the land, the access to the farm and the security measures adopted by those investigated, made the investigation very complex. Finally, in September, the farm was entered and searched, where more than 40,000 marijuana plants and 15 tons of buds were located, arresting five people for a crime against public health.

Continuing with the investigations of the criminal network, last October two new marijuana plantations were dismantled, in the municipality of the Barcelona town of Cabrera de Mar. They were camouflaged, under supposed legal hemp plantations. In this fourth and last phase, more than 13 tons of marijuana have been seized on the farm and four individuals have been arrested for drug trafficking and for fraudulent electricity, as this last plantation has a fraudulent energy supply.

In addition, in this last phase, a greater specialization of crops has been detected, with a high investment in tools and instruments for the cultivation and manufacture of plants, highlighting the existence inside the farm of a bunker-type room, with reinforced walls, to prevent the theft of the narcotic substance and have seized dfirearms and two air pistols.

They pretended to be legal hemp plantations

The common link regarding the four phases of the investigation is that all the marijuana plantations hide under supposed legal hemp plantations, actually dedicated to cultivation, collection and distribution of marijuana without the necessary administrative permits for a legal crop, camouflaging itself under a mercantile society and locating itself among other ships with legal industrial activity.

The final balance of the investigation is the apprehension of 51,904 kilograms of seized marijuana, with more than 187,000 plants of seized marijuana and 19 tons of buds. Regarding the plantation of La Pobla de Massaluca, in Terra Alta, 40,000 plants (seven tons) have been confiscated and 7 people have been arrested, five as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health and two for the application of the alien law.

In addition, a total of two firearms, four compressed air weapons and a knife have been seized and a multitude of computer equipment and innumerable tools for the cultivation and manufacture of the vegetable substance have been seized, highlighting more de 3,000 grow lamps, humidifiers and sophisticated harvesting machines among other.

Furthermore, there is a total of 20 detainees for crimes against public health and fraud of electricity

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