"Diabetes has never limited my life"

Detection, awareness and prevention are three keywords when we talk about diabetes. «Data from population studies indicate that between 6% and 7% of the population suffers from the disease, while a similar proportion also, but is unaware. Thus, the prevalence is between 12% and 14%. If we add to this percentage that of people who have glucose disorders, but who do not meet the diagnostic criteria for diabetes, the prevalence of the disease exceeds 20%”, explains the director of the Institut d'Investigació Sanitària Pere Virgili ( IISPV) and head of the Diabetes and Associated Metabolic Diseases research group, Dr. Joan Josep Vendrell.

Mercè Llorca Bellobí (Tortosa, 1991) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was three years old. "When you start so young, as you get older, the disease is part of your life and it is not an impediment in any way," she says.

Although, this Tortosa woman acknowledges that "the most difficult stage was pre-adolescence and adolescence itself, because it is when you are aware that you are different from others and, although the disease does not limit you, you have an added backpack with respect to the rest of colleagues and friends. Inevitably, without meaning to, you compare yourself to others.

In this sense, he goes on to explain, "adolescence was a more complicated stage as a result of hormonal changes, which in some aspects made it difficult for me to control my diabetes."

Unlike other people, Tortosina assures that "at no time did I go through a phase of denial of the disease." On the contrary, she continued with her studies and with his passion: dancing. In fact, at the age of ten, Mercè Llorca began to take her first steps and in a short time she became part of the elite of dance sports. As an example, she managed to win her first Spanish Championship at just 13 years old.

In this sense, he acknowledges that "diabetes has never limited my life, that is, there is nothing that I could not do because I am a person with diabetes." In fact, he recalls that "taking care of diet and exercising are two pillars to control the disease."

On the other hand, social networks have become a window to the world. "When you can talk to other people and share experiences it helps a lot," she says. Therefore, she shares his experience through the 'Sugar Push' channel on YouTube and @mercellorcabellobi on Instagram.

Consequently, he does not miss the opportunity to send a message of positivity like the one he shared on Monday, November 14, coinciding with World Diabetes Day: "Every year I say the same thing, it is good that we have a world day about our condition , but diabetes is part of our lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and, for now, there are no forecasts that there will be many changes in this aspect in the near future."

In the same letter, Mercè Llorca added that "it is also a day to make us aware that there is still a lot to investigate, to advance and to continue raising awareness about diabetes", and finally concluded that "happy day to you who fight all these silent battles, to the people who dedicate their efforts to research and improve our quality of life, and to all the dt3 who support us, accompany us and help us carry the weight of this backpack”.

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