Dani Vidal's pissarra, vital for Nàstic

Las Gaunas, in that mythical stadium that acquired great prominence in the radio carousels of the weekends of the 80s, in the golden age of CD Logroñés, Nàstic's first away victory came this season. A vital victory for Raül Agné. The technician played the charge. He was only worth adding the three points. A triumph that was achieved thanks to the strategy. The board of Dani Vidal, Agné's assistant and member of the coaching staff in charge of designing the strategy plays, gave the 0-1, the work of Marc Montalvo, and the final 1-2 that Josema signed and that ensured the continuity of the coaching staff on the bench at the Nou Estadi. At least a few more days.

Like every week, the coach from Tarragona planned the set-piece actions during the week taking into account the defects of the La Rioja defense in those situations. A job that went round. The players nailed the execution and Nàstic added three invaluable points.

The first goal came in the 49th minute. Guillermo Fernández, with a delicious maneuver, including a pipe, took a very difficult lateral free kick, like a corner kick but closer. A situation that rarely occurs and is not usually analyzed by the teams. Dani Vidal did take it into account.

«Today's match was won with the strategy and I'm happy because it's something we train a lot»

Marc Montalvo

Nastic midfielder

The coach gave the instructions from the band, the only time he takes over from Agné as a member of the coaching staff who can stand in the delimited area. The players quickly understood the situation and executed the plan point by point. Montalvo stood two strides from the balcony of the area. Without uncovering his intentions. No Logroñés footballer saw it. They all positioned themselves in the small rectangle, protecting their goalkeeper. The one from Figueres only had to put the ball precisely and low for the midfielder from Riudoms, with a subtle shot with his left foot, to beat the local goalkeeper.

A very special goal for the Grana youth squad. It was his first goal with the first team. With a good part of his family displaced to the capital of La Rioja. "The game was won by strategy and I'm happy because it's something we train a lot," said the 20-year-old midfielder.

SD Logroñés leveled the score in the 54th minute, with a counterattack. Just five minutes later the Tarragona team was able to get ahead again in a new strategic action. A laboratory play that lacked centimeters to culminate in a goal. This time, the foul was more central, but also further away. Joan Oriol cheated with the center and gave it to Aarón Rey. The Galician, fulfilled his role, jumped into the lateral race to receive and release a powerful center-kick in which any foot, conscious or unconscious, can end up with the leather in the net.

Minutes later the 1-2 did come. In another set piece action. Joan Oriol put it back from left to right for Josema's entry at the far post. The Madrid center-back nailed his defender, Sarriegi, with great ease and entered with all his power to finish off so hard that all the efforts of goalkeeper Jero, who managed to touch the ball, were of no use in preventing the goal. It was the last of the virtues that he needed to show Josema in Tarragona. His ability in offensive strategy actions. In equality, set pieces can unbalance matches. Nàstic has a specialist like Dani Vidal, capable of taking out the book and obtaining a vital victory.

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