Cry of the territory against another winter without flights at Reus Airport

Reus Airport faces its third winter in a row without commercial flights. The dire forecasts, which had already advanced the DailyThey have been confirmed by Aena, which details in a statement that "the airlines have not scheduled routes" for the low season and that the infrastructure "will end its operations as of November 7."

When consulted in this regard, the president of the Reus Chamber of Commerce, Jordi Just, indicates that "the news, unfortunately, no longer surprises us because it reveals what we have been warning about for years: the lack of regular flights."

"When the Chamber defends the need to obtain these flights, when we allocate illusions and efforts so that a company like Binter operates here, it is because a real airport must have commercial operations beyond what would be the strict summer season," he adds. . And he says that "an aggressive policy is needed from the administrations involved to attract the attention of the companies and make the Airport an attractive point of origin and destination."

Just recalls that "it is not the first time that we have had to put up with a headline of these characteristics for our Airport, which is even more overwhelming when one sees how Barcelona and Girona are growing." The president of the Chamber wishes that "it is the last or one of the last occasions in which we have to assess a situation as sad as it is inappropriate for an airport strategically located and with the will to grow."

Summon the Airport Strategic Table

For his part, the mayor of Reus, Carles Pellicer, believes that "Reus must be a great airport, a great centerwith more volume of activity, with continental and national flights and with regular lines that enhance the infrastructure throughout the year; but this hasn't happened for years."

"For this reason, it is important to intensify efforts and that the administrations involved and Aena, manager of the entity, work with intensity and consensus," he says, adding that "there have been changes in the Generalitat, but I demand that the Taula Estratègica be called urgently to address this situation".

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