Countdown to the new access roundabout to Icomar

Cars still cannot go around the new Bricomart roundabout. However, the works are practically finished, the vegetation has been planted and in a matter of days the roundabout will come into operation, involving a transformation of this entire area between the Icomar neighborhood, the access to the Francolí industrial estate and the road that connects Ponent with the center.

If there are no changes in the next few days, the inauguration is scheduled for next October 20. All that remains is to finish off the last details before the entry into operation of an infrastructure, which was born to respond to the new mobility that will be generated with the implementation of the DIY firm in the estate, and which has ended up becoming a performance of openwork "It represents an important urban transformation that goes along the lines of converting the old national highway into an avenue," according to the Councilor for Territory, Xavier Puig.

The project has introduced several changes with respect to the initial proposal, as a result of the conversations with the neighbors. And it is that, the construction of the new infrastructure has supposed a lifting on the front facade of Icomar. «We have negotiated many points to collect the different sensitivities, which has made it in the end a highly involved project», indicates Puig. The first draft stoned the single circulation circuit within Icomar. This was a claim that the neighbors had been fighting for and in the end it has been upheld, since it was considered that "it could significantly increase traffic." In the end, this single direction of the main streets has been maintained, reversing the direction of circulation so that it will enter through the road next to the soccer field and exit through Horta Gran.

«The neighbors gain a place in a place that was very abandoned and a more pedestrian neighborhood»

This dialogue with the neighbors has also made it possible to agree on changes to bus stops, loading and unloading, and parking. This has been a particularly sensitive part since the spaces that remained at the entrance to the neighborhood have been eliminated. In this space, Icomar has won a front square, with a green area that is being planted and that prioritize the mobility of pedestrians. "We gained a more beautiful façade in a space that was very neglected and a more pedestrianized neighborhood," says Puig.

This prioritization of pedestrians has also meant that part of the land that remained in the corner of the football field has been dispensed with, to widen the sidewalk for pedestrians, in addition to maintaining the bike lane. "We gained more meters for pedestrians and this goes in the direction in which we want the N-340 to go, with good sidewalks, bike lanes and a space for the bus and tram," adds the third deputy mayor. With the entry into operation of the new roundabout it is expected to also improve safety for drivers, in a very busy area which coincides with the intersection of the N-340 'a' and 'b'.

The City Council defends the "importance" of involving the private sector in this type of project that "not only benefits the company, but also the neighborhood and the city as a whole." Bricomart will have invested close to a million in this action that was considered key to improving mobility in the area, ahead of the increased traffic expected to entail the entry into operation of the new establishment. Parallel to the roundabout works, the construction of the warehouse that will occupy the commercial firm, which will open its first store in the demarcation before the end of the year, is progressing.

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