Controversy in Cambrils over the possible return of a municipal janitor accused of sexual harassment

The administrative sanction that was imposed the janitor of the Cambrils City Council accused in 2021 for an alleged case of sexual harassment to a worker of this administration, it has already been fulfilled. The penalty was imposed last November for a period of 13 months, with which the employee should return to his job in December.

Sources from the Cambril town hall assure that "this will not be the case", since "there have been several negotiations and an agreement has been reached. This worker will not have any type of employment relationship with the City Council again. In this sense, the Councilor for Human Resources, Alfredo Clúa, points out that "there is a contract suspension motivated by an administrative sanction and our intention is to find a solution that favors all those affected."

For its part, the UGT union considers that it has not acted forcefully enough in a case in which the defendant, it recalls, is a repeat offender. Thus, the president of the Cambrils City Council company committee and risk prevention delegate, Gemma Balenyà, mentioned the 2015 conviction in which a minor was involved, on which the defendant filed an appeal and which is still pending today. resolution. In addition, she added, "there is another sentence against this same person dated 2013."

Given all these precedents, the UGT denounces a lack of strong hand on the part of the Consistory. The union's general secretary for public services, Enrique Martín, assures that “public administrations must set an example in the face of an issue of such magnitude as sexual harassment, and passivity is not the way. For our part there is zero tolerance." "The City Council should be firm and go beyond an administrative sanction," he sentenced. As for possible penalties, Martín pointed to "mitigating measures that could mitigate the situation until the facts are ultimately clarified."

Regarding the case at hand, the harassment allegedly began to take place in 2018 in the Torre del Llimó, the concierge's last job, but it was not until 2020 that it came to the attention of the UGT, at which time the sexual harassment protocol in the City Hall. In November 2021, the disciplinary file for suspension of employment and salary was resolved for a period of 13 months, which, as previously noted, ends now. Balenyà added that "in May the criminal proceedings were activated."

Finally, the union warned that it was pending two other cases of sexual harassment in town halls of other coastal municipalities, although they declined to provide more information on the matter.

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