Collapse at rush hour on the Paseo de la Independencia

The rearrangement of the Passeig de la Independència did not just please anyone. The elimination of a part of the uphill lane on the right – the one that goes towards Ramón y Cajal avenue – has caused kilometer-long queues to be generated at this exit from the city, especially at rush hour. «If before it already collapsed, imagine now with one less lane. It took me twenty minutes to leave Tarragona. It is not normal, “said a driver yesterday, at six in the afternoon.

Until a few days ago, the Passeig de la Independència had three traffic lanes. One going down, towards Torres Jordi and Serrallo, and another two going up. Of these, the one on the right was intended for vehicles going to the center of the city, through Ramón y Cajal avenue. There were never any queues on this road, since when they got to the top, drivers found a yield sign, which allowed them to pass quite smoothly.

On the other hand, in the left lane –the one that gives access to the Parc Central car park and Plaça Europa–, it has always been another story. First, because there are always more cars that want to leave the city than those that want to go downtown. In addition, when they reached the intersection, they found a traffic light. Queues have always been common, but now things have gotten worse.

The cause is that the City Council has eliminated part of the lane on the right to enable about ten new parking spaces, in the orange zone. This has caused the queues to multiply, especially at peak times, such as nine in the morning, one in the afternoon or six in the afternoon.

The affected

«I go through there four times a day, like most of the residents of the Part Baixa of the city. Before, things were complicated. We had time to go out. But now it's much worse," explains Albert Ramos, a resident of El Serrallo. Ramos does not understand "how no one could have foreseen that this would happen", and he wonders if "it was necessary to put ten more parking spaces, taking into account the expansion of the Tabacalera deterrent parking".

For her part, the president of the Torres Jordi-Residencial Palau Neighborhood Association, Belén Uruen, assures that "it seems good to us that they want to earn a living, but removing a lane on a road that is already saturated is something that we cannot understand".

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