Club Patí Calafell wins its first Catalan League

Santa Perpetua de Mogoda has staged this weekend the final phase of a new Catalan League. Instead of being played in the preseason months, this unofficial competition has been used to fill dates in the World Cup break. During this month of November, Argentina has celebrated the respective world championships for teams and that has forced the clubs to look for new incentives to maintain the competitive spirit. The biggest has to do with the Catalan League, which Ferran López's Calafell signed up for yesterday, beating Noia in the grand final. It was in a round of cardiac direct fouls, after an exciting game, full of alternatives and tied (3-3), nothing else was expected between two of the most important teams in the national championship.

The title confirms an extraordinary start to the season for the Verdiblancos, who have yet to face defeat and are second in the OK Liga, just two points behind Barcelona, ​​the current leader. The staging of Calafell licks its fans, who have many reasons for hope and already a title to celebrate. Although the Catalan League is seen as a minor prize, it counts for a lot. The one who wins it reinforces his proposal and his self-esteem in a barbaric way.

know how to compete

If something has distinguished Calafell in these first months of competition, it is their ability to master the demands. He has not blinked in moments of responsibility, what is more, he has shown the ability to find good minutes of play in that circumstance. In yesterday's final against Noia, a posh rival, the Verdiblancos wrapped themselves in the experience of their most talented players to present credentials of success.

The initial score drew an even scenario, the most detailed team, capable of taking care of every loophole, was going to enjoy a greater share of options. With hardly any room for errors, the two protagonists were very responsible, they conceded absolutely nothing, although Noia found the advantage with the first chapter already worn out. There was a desire for goals, but they did not appear in the first quarter of an hour. On the other hand, Eloi Mitjans did hit after 17 minutes and the effervescence of the game grew.

Despite the blow, Ferran López's players remained faithful to his idea. That loyalty to his plan gave them a chance to equalize just before the break. In a maximum penalty, Miras, the consummate specialist, equalized. Los Estrellats went crazy, some in the stands of the venue, others at home or in the bar, attentive to the events.

There were even 2-1 options for the Calafellenses, but Martí Casas, unusual for him, did not convert a direct shot shortly after intermission. At respite it came with a draw.

The stake was unleashed a little more in the outcome, in part because Martí Gabarró, ex Calafell, opened the season just around the locker room. A few seconds after the restart he returned the advantage to Noia (1-2) and increased his heart rate in an entertaining final.

The alarm lights went off at 11 minutes to go. Calafell committed foul 10 and Mitjans accepted that opportunity. He scored the 1-3 and forced Calafell to call the epic. It was then that the Verdiblancos showed an extraordinary maturity to manage the difficulty. Instead of freaking out, they bided their time. They were loaded with a million reasons.

Xaus, from a direct free kick, and Sergio Miras, shortly after, sent the game into extra time, an extra time full of strong emotions, although lacking in goals. Nobody wanted to make a mistake and the precautions invited an exciting round of direct. In that ecosystem the Calafell champion, who smiles and celebrates.

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