City Council, Costas and ACA endorse the renaturalization of the La Móra canal

The problems with La Mora channel They are an old complaint from the neighborhood, which every two times three suffers from bad odors and the presence of mosquitoes due to stagnant water. For years, various solutions have been proposed to try to alleviate it, without any of these having been implemented, since any action in this area requires up to three levels of administration to agree. However, for the first time, all the actors endorse the renaturalization of this environment, which paves the way so that a project can definitely be launched.

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) values ​​"very positively" the proposed initiative, which already had the approval of both the residents and the Tarragona City Council. “It is a very good solution to resolve the repeated complaints of the residents of La Móra”, point out sources from this body, which depends on the Generalitat. Likewise, Costas del Estado also "sees it with good eyes", as confirmed by the ACA.

The action consists of removing the concrete from the old canal, which serves to evacuate rainwater from the area, and which was built by a private individual when La Móra was urbanized. From there, the objective is that a lagoon can be formed, with the water that rises from the water table and the one that comes down from the torrent. The final objective goes through a renaturation of the mouthwith the planting of native plant species, which facilitate the development of a natural ecosystem.

«Medi Ambient has taken the reins to carry out the project and study ways of financing»

“It is not a cheap action, because you have to dismantle the entire structure, but the wills of all the parties have converged and we have between eyebrows that the project goes ahead,” he explains. Héctor Hernández, from the La Sínia Environmental Association. This entity is the one that has taken the lead, after observing that what could be done in this environment is similar to what was done at the time at the mouth of the Murtra Ravine, in the municipality of Creixell. "It can be a very important point of attraction," adds Hernández.

The Councilor for the Environment, Eva Miguel GascónHe assures that from now on "this department has taken the reins." The next step is the drafting of the project, which should include how to disassemble the concrete structure, the renaturalization of the environment and some tests to find out how deep the water table is. With the project in hand, it is ensured that they will look for ways of financing and it is trusted that it could fit into some call for European aid, such as funds Next Generation. "In periods of rain we have seen how nature recovers the space and the potential it could have is enormous," explains the head of Medi Ambient.

Fire station

The ACA advances that "within its powers" it plans to report "favourably" on the new solution that has been proposed. Likewise, it is ensured that this action will entail an improvement of the pumping station in accordance with the new requirements of the space, "in order to preserve its quality and avoid alterations in episodes of intense rains". The agency points out that this part will be activated "when we receive the formal request from Ematsa."

“The role of custody will be to work in favor of all this being achieved”

As a first step to get the execution going, The Ferris Wheel will manage the entire Torrent of the Mora. The custody agreement between the City Council, the ACA and the environmental entity will be signed in the coming weeks. The latter values ​​very positively that it is committed to valuing the "minor river courses". The objective is to move forward to recover the entire route, starting from its mouth at La Móra beach and paying special attention to some points, such as the intersection with the road.

“The role of the custody will be to work so that all this can be achieved and that there is awareness of the need for it to continue, because it really can be a very cool space,” adds Hernàndez.

The neighbors have been battling for years to find a solution to the problems of a hydraulic infrastructure which, according to the ACA "has a correct operation to drain the water in episodes of intense rain, but it also receives the drainage of swimming pools and some neighbor that is inadequately connected, in addition to the spillway of the pumping station." Although at first the decision was made to cover the upper part of the canal, the residents were the first to be in favor of the solution proposed by La Sínia.

"Now it's time for them to make a move and for all this to go ahead and here it is no longer so clear"

For his part, the president of the Neighborhood Association of La Móra-Tamarit, Francesc Garcia, He considers that "it is very good that all the organizations involved in the issue agree and that they believe that this is the optimal solution, but now it is time for them to make a move and for all this to go ahead and here it is no longer so clear". This asks the local administration to "get the batteries", since this is one of the main reinvincations of the neighborhood, which centers the list of deficits that were revealed in a study by the Univertitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). This also discussed improvements at the level of services and the recovery of the promenade, as well as aspects of mobility.

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