Children, Vella and Young people end the season shooting structures

Altafulla celebrated this Sunday its Major Festival Day. Last performance of the Children of Tarragona this season, who were with the hosts, the Castellers de Altafulla, and the Bordegassos de Vilanova. The mattress makers were not the only ones who finished on Sunday, so did the two Valls casteller groups: the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls and the Colla Joves, in Vila-rodona.

The first to open a place in Altafulla were the hosts, who made an id3d7, because when the acotxador was placed, the enxaneta decided to back down. The ones in the striped shirt unloaded the 3d7 with different changes in the trunk. The Altafullenses repeated the round, they decided on the 4d7, which went up a little open, but they unloaded without suffering. The Bordegassos started with a good 4d7s. The second round began with the 5d6 unloaded by the Castellers de Altafulla. The Children unloaded the 5d7 also with shooting of trunk and children. The Castellers de Altafulla made an id3d7 again, since the children did not see it clearly.

In the third round of castells the hosts went back to id3d7, while the Children unleashed a nervous 4d7 through the upper floors. Those of Vilanova and la Geltrú ended with 4d7. Those from Baix Gaià put an end to it with 3d6p.

Then the three groups ended up with different pillars. Alfredo Gonález, group leader of the Children of Tarragona, was saying goodbye after being in charge of the group throughout the pandemic and this 2022. The maximum technical manager made a good assessment of the year, and was very satisfied with all the work that It had been done in the rehearsal yard. He recognized that the performance had served to film different castellers and castellers who perhaps had not had so many opportunities throughout the year.

Gonález encouraged the entire group to continue along the paths that have been opened up this year, and assured that "if the patio is filled from the first day, and you work as you have been doing, very great things can be achieved." ».

The Children of Tarragona have had a good season, they have recovered the range of 9, and they have been able to walk with relative ease the castells of the high range of 8. It should be noted that in 2019, they had problems with the castells of 9, they could not load none, and also with 5d8, which they had a hard time doing. With two years of pandemic in between, they have been able to do the magic hat trick again, and they even considered the 5d9f, testing up to sixth. Now they will be able to keep the shirt in the closet, and they will have to choose a new technical and governing board.

In Vila-rodona the performance was also marked by the end of the season. The two Vallenca gangs wanted to finish with good taste, and without getting too complicated. The Colla Vella unloaded in the first round the 3d8. In the second round of castells they bet on 4d8, which they only had left in loaded, and they ended up with 2d7. For their part, the Red Devils performed the 3d8, then the 5d7 and put an end to it with 4d7.

Also the last performance as group leader by Albert Martínez, group leader of those in the pink shirt, who will not continue to lead the group next year. A Colla Vella that has not managed to revalidate the Castells Contest, but has reached 2d8sf, and has been able to frequent the 9 castells, and the extra gamma.

On the other hand, those in the red shirt have had a very good season, achieving second place in the Contest. They have downloaded the 4d9sf, they have loaded the 2d8sf and they have also brought the 5d9f to the plaza.

With these two actions, the castle season of this 2022 in the territory can almost be finished. A season that has been better than expected, being able to see extra range in different places, and recovering the level of before the pandemic, even achieving an unprecedented castle; the pd9fmp. There are groups that have different things pending, in the rehearsal yard, but they will surely do them.

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