Chestnuts and games for the little ones in the Parc de la Ciutat de Tarragona

There are days when the Parc de la Ciutat looks splendid. This Sunday was one of these days, and it usually coincides with an activity from the 'La Guingueta: Espai educatiu i familiar' project. This time it was the Castanyada Party, which adds to the many held in recent months and those that remain. In this way, with dozens of children playing, the green heart of Tarragona becomes a living space.

The protagonists were the chestnuts. Elisa García, responsible for the project, explained that the objective is "for the Parc de la Ciutat to become an educational and family space for families to come, for them to share moments with other families and for children to play in different spaces", while adding that "there are psychomotricity activities, other constructions, music, circus, etc., and workshops, which in each edition have a different theme."

Thus, yesterday morning's workshop consisted of cooking chestnuts and preparing the pieces of paper. Another of those responsible for the project, Antonio Carmona, explained that the Fent Camí escort group was in charge of cooking the chestnuts, to whom they gave the space and took the profits from the sales. "We also try to make different entities of the city known," Carmona pointed out.

To all this, García also assured that the idea of ​​La Guingueta is also to give life to the Parc de la Ciutat, «because the families came to us telling us that it was very empty and it was not used much, and the truth is that they are all very I'm glad there are activities for the little ones."

La Guingueta was born out of the desire to recover the project that the Les Tecletes mothers' association started at the time, with the idea of ​​launching activities in the City Park. The Municipal Institute of Education (IMET) took the reins, and together with the Gamlab Cooperative they organize the different sessions.

Xavi Martínez, with his one and a half year old son Pau, were playing in one of the many activities organized yesterday at the Parc de la Ciutat. They are residents of the area, they live 10 minutes away, and Martínez, who assured that it was already the second time they had attended a party at La Guingueta, celebrated that "it is very good, the children have a lot of fun and have a very fun morning, and Now we are going to eat panellets». Likewise, he sees very well that so much vitality is given to the area with this project.

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