Cambrils will penalize uncivil behaviors with up to 3,000 euros

The Cambrils City Council is finalizing the new citizen coexistence ordinance with which it will declare war on incivility. The regulation, which will replace the one that has been in force since 2008, will be adapted to the conduct typified at the present time and foresees sanctioning with fines that can reach up to 3,000 euros to those people who do not pick up their dog's excrement or who leave the garbage out of the container. This regulation is expected to enter into force next April.

The consistory has been working on the text of the ordinance for some time with which it is expected to curb uncivil behavior that has been increasing in recent years. In the previous term, the procedures to provide the regulations with more tools began and this 2022, with the new government, the last brushstrokes have been given to approve it as soon as possible. "The ordinance aims to preserve individual and collective respect, tolerance in the diversity of customs and cultures and the enhancement of public spaces, pursuing those behaviors that put them at risk," he affirms to the Daily the Councilor for Citizen Security and Mobility, David Chatelain.

The mayor points out that a great job has been done to be able to move forward with this document that will allow for the peaceful relationship between people and the regulation of the use and enjoyment of public spaces. «With this update we want to guarantee that uncivil behaviors are reduced and that they are duly sanctioned, since in many cases the public has been able to have the feeling that there is a certain amount of impunity when dealing with these issues. For this reason, a text has been worked on that incorporates many novelties and that will be accompanied by an updated table of sanctions", explains Chatelain, who adds that, in some cases, these fines "can be replaced by works for the benefit of the community".

It will be mandatory to clean the urine of the dogs with water and those who go without a shirt will be punished

The regulations will regulate the correct use of containers. There are many occasions in which some people leave the garbage outside the container even if it is empty, a practice that worries the government a lot and that it wants to put an end to with the ordinance. "The control of compliance with the regulations will have a specific campaign, which, together with the expansion of the management of organic waste from restaurants, should substantially improve the situation of container batteries," says the mayor.

Another uncivil behavior that annoys citizens is coming across dog feces on public roads. For this reason, the sanctions will be toughened for those dog owners who do not pick up the excrement. In addition, from the entry into force of the regulations, it will be mandatory to clean the urine of dogs with water.

From 200 to 3,000 euros

The ordinance will include new features in many areas. Behaviors considered improper will be incorporated, such as sexual harassment, exhibitionism and, in general, acts against sexual freedom or indemnity that do not constitute a crime. In addition, those people who go down the street without a shirt will be punished -except the areas where it is allowed- and the prohibition of begging will be regulated, incorporating a series of measures to refer possible offenders to social services.

The sanctions will be graduated in: light, serious and very serious. «Each degree has an amount, they can go from 200 to 1,000 and 3,000 euros. Reiteration will be taken into consideration as an aggravating element as a dissuasive measure. The final amounts will be defined during the processing, although for very serious conduct fines of up to 3,000 euros will be raised. However, in the case of cash payment, they could be reduced by 50%”, clarifies Chatelain, who adds that there will be an exhibition period so that the people of Cambril can make their contributions before final approval.

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