Businesses on Passeig Prim de Reus ask for speed in the works to avoid losing sales

LIt's been a month since the renovation of the drainage network of the uphill stretch of Passeig Prim between Plaça de la Pastoreta and Camí de Riudoms began. There are still two more months to go, but businesses in the area have already noticed the impact: fewer customers.

All of them understand that the works, which will also involve resurfacing, have to be carried out. But they do ask for speed to shorten, as much as possible, the duration time and, thus, mitigate the effects. In fact, they are worried about the impending Christmas campaign or Black Friday and wonder if they could not have been carried out on other dates.

Especially concerned are the businesses that work with large-scale goods. Precisely these days, the machines have begun to drill in the section that concentrates two mattress stores and an electrical appliance store. «The clientele tries to park in front to take the goods. Now it is impossible... », they lament.

From Distar Mattresses they assure that they have already noticed a drop in work, especially since they have the machines working right in front of them. As they remember, «they started at the point closest to the Plaza de la Pastoreta and, little by little, they have been rising. Since last week, they have been working here in front and we have fences and a tarp. Being so closed, who is going to come », they wonder. In this same line they think from Somnalia, another mattress and accessories store located a few meters away. Shopping is also stopped here since this section of Passeig Prim is closed to traffic. The biggest difficulty is finding a nearby street where you can carry a mattress. “It is not easy to have an alternative. You have to make intrigues of all kinds, "they emphasize.

If it is impossible to stop in front of the store with the car, it is not easy to get there on foot either, because as the works move on, more sections are completely fenced. “Now, because of the height of Mare Molas street, you can no longer pass. You have to go higher and then go back down and get here, "they say from both mattress stores. So "people don't come."

They see it differently for other types of establishments in the area, also affected but that “if they are essential, such as a pharmacy, people look for a way to get there. But for another more timeless issue, like a mattress, they leave it be, "they add. In fact, at the Fruits Jeroni greengrocer they say that the customers have not diminished. His only affectation was the dust when the machines drilled right in front of his establishment.

From Ferraté Electrodomèstics they remember that, "when it is so difficult to get to a store, the customer does not come: either he goes to another position or leaves it for later". From the store they believe that it would have been appropriate to leave some steps in order to facilitate the connection from the center of the promenade. The works, in addition to being a nuisance for customers, are also a nuisance for the stores themselves, if they have to deliver larger appliances. Right now, they still don't know where to load. And it is that right now, that the works are reaching their height, is when it begins to affect them in the first person.

In addition, they put another question on the table: «Where are we going to leave all the cardboard?». They usually deposit them in front of the door and, at noon, the service collects them. “And now, we don't know anything. He has not informed us of how it will work, "they warn. Other businesses also complain about lack of information. Some even do not know exactly what the intervention consists of «because they have not directly explained it to us. We have only seen the no parking signs.

The dates of development of the works and their duration are also a reason for complaint. Without questioning the need to change the sanitation network, they do believe that it could have been carried out at another time, "perhaps after Christmas." In any case, they do demand speed. «Knowing that works of this type have so much affectation, they should hurry up. On October 31, for example, which was work, they did not work... Well, they are days that they could take advantage of, ”they exemplify.

The renovation works of the sanitation network of this section of Passeig Prim are being carried out in three phases. The first, which began on October 10, affects the section between Plaza de la Pastoreta and Calle de la Mare Molas. The second is between Mare Molas and Camí de Riudoms. The third phase will affect the entire area with milling, asphalting and painting work.

The work, with an investment of 447,709.47 euros, will replace the current water collector, an old construction channel, currently very degraded, and which runs through the central cake of the promenade. It will be replaced by two new pipes, one on each side of the promenade circulation. Now it is only working on the up lane, and soon the second pipe will be installed on the down lane. It will be then when the definitive removal of the central collector will be possible. The investment also includes the asphalting of the circulation lane in the section of the promenade affected by the works.

The Mobility and Circulation Service of the Guardia Urbana recommends that drivers avoid Plaza de la Pastoreta, if not strictly necessary. As an alternative itinerary, light vehicles are recommended to go up Calle Jurados and Calle San Luis to Camino de Riudoms, to finally join Paseo Sunyer. For the rest of the vehicles, and especially those that go to the streets going down the promenade, the recommendation is to turn towards Països Catalans avenue.

Aigües de Reus makes the telephone number 977345843 available to residents of the area for any questions during the works. Likewise, Aigües de Reus has incorporated this 2022 QR codes as a means of information for the neighborhood. The QR code appears on the sheets that are distributed, through the mailboxes, in the homes of the affected neighbors and also on the posters that are attached to the perimeter fences of the works. The code, through a mobile application, allows access to the Aigües de Reus website where there is a summary of the project and detailed information on the works in progress.

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