Bonilla's 101

Javier Bonilla turned 100 games with the Nàstic shirt exactly 15 days ago. It was in Las Gaunas, the same stage that he will return today to complete 101. A number of games that he had not even managed to complete in his hometown team, Numancia (36). To commemorate that number, during the presentation ceremony of Nàstic Genuine and Voluntariat Grana, the Grana club presented him with a shirt with the number 100. "It is a pride to be able to reach this number with the Nàstic shirt", said the footballer who, among the 16 goals he has achieved with the Tarragona club, kept the goal against Betis B last season: «That day marked a change and it was the beginning of a season in which we stayed at the gates of the ascent".

The Centennial does not come at the best moment of the footballer in Tarragona. His holdings have plummeted. He is not the undisputed starter that he was not so long ago. Today, in the first knockout round of the Copa del Rey against Racing Rioja, he will appear again in the eleven along with other players from the first team who are not having the expected prominence either. Players like Nil, Gorostidi, Montes, Simon, Pochettino or Lupu who will have that opportunity to claim more minutes from the coach. It's his time. One of those opportunities that should not be missed. If they want to get into the eleventh of the league, they have to earn it on the pitch.

It will be a special day for Iván de la Peña. After two years in Pobla, the midfielder converted to central defender will have the opportunity to debut with the first team in an official match. One of the curiosities is that he will coincide with Maurizio Pochettino, emulating their respective parents at Espanyol in the years 2003-2006.

Opposite will be Racing Rioja, a team founded in 2018 and that in two seasons managed to go from Preferential La Rioja to Second RFEF, with two consecutive promotions. Last year he tried the third, leading group 2 of the Third in several days at the beginning of the season. However, the second round did not go well and they were left out of the promotion play-offs. This course, with the same objective, is lagging somewhat further behind, occupying the lower part of the table. At the moment they occupy the play-out place, after losing last week against Arnedo (2-0). Trained by Gustavo Bezares, it is a daring team, with an offensive 3-4-3 and a defensive 4-4-1, which usually proposes with the ball, although this means problems in defensive transitions. Among his staff is the Portuguese Jose Viegas who is also secretary of the club chaired by his wife.

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