Awarded the construction of the Bolovi bridge over the Francolí, in Montblanc

In the second it has been the charm. The Governing Board of the Montblanc City Council will officially award today the construction of the new Bolovi bridge –which gives access to the Crusvi Farm–, after it was arrested by the flood three years ago.

During that time there has been a temporary one, made of iron, which was built by the Army. The works, which have been awarded for 602,870 euros (they went out to tender for 4,711,465.23), have an execution period of four months. In the previous auction they went for 482,073.67 euros).

The Bolovi bridge had been built by the City Council in 1995. But the extraordinary flood of October 22 and 23, 2019 exceeded the bridge deck, dragging it entire.

The two abutments –the pillars that support the bridge– were left standing, although their upper part was also somewhat damaged.

After the flood, the City Council carried out a topographical survey of the area around the bridge.

Just before installing the military structure, its position was reconsidered. To go ahead with the project, a definitive occupation of 2,975 square meters and a temporary one during the execution of 440 are expected. For the first case, 3,198.5 euros will be allocated and for the second, 64.17.

The mayor, Josep Andreu, was very happy yesterday to have finally awarded this work, the last one left to repair the damage caused by the flood three years ago.

Andreu pointed out that the winning company, which is from Cerdanyola del Vallès, has deposited the deposit. He already has experience in building bridges. In this sense, although he is not dedicated exclusively to this type of work, he has carried out the Sant Antoni de Vilamajor and Torelló works.

six companies

Andreu recalled that six companies had submitted to that bid. »I am very happy that after three years and a month we have awarded the works», he commented in the Diari. He now hopes that work can start soon.

When the works begin, the bridge that the Army built in April 2020 must be dismantled. A total of 54 soldiers from the 14th Battalion of Pontoneros and Engineer Specialists, based in Monzalbarba (Zaragoza) assembled the infrastructure in a week.

The City Council had to resort to this solution in the face of the delay in the arrival of aid from the administrations.

Meanwhile, the trucks that went to an egg hatchery farm had to travel a long way on roads. On the contrary, with the bridge they have an exit 200 meters away on the N-240 road.

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