Arrested the alleged perpetrator of the fatal shots in Salou

A Mossos d'Esquadra patrol has located and arrested in Castelló d'Empuries (Girona) a 22-year-old young man of French nationality who had been in search and capture since May 9, when allegedly shot at point blank range against a 24-year-old on a terrace on Saragossa street in Salou. This was reported by the Catalan regional police in a tweet this morning.

The 22-year-old was one of the three hit men who participated in the early hours of Monday, May 9, in a cold-blooded murder of a 24-year-old man of French nationality who was sitting on the terrace of a bar in the capital. of the Costa Daurada. The three involved approached at a short distance and one of them took out a short weapon, a revolver, and fired a minimum of three shots, two hit the target and a third was embedded in the leg of a chair in the premises.

Of the three assassins (all of French nationality), one was neutralized after a few minutes by the courage of some waiters from another location and delivered to the Local Police of Salou and Mossos when the first patrols arrived at the crime scene.

ACurrently this alleged participant in the murder of a compatriot is in jail. The other two participants in the fatal shooting fled and were lost track of after leaving the city by car.

However, the detainee and other clues from Mossos investigators, who shared information with other national and foreign security forces, were able to identify the shooter who had hidden as soon as he committed the murder.

Although time was running against the police investigation, the siege of one of the two involved in the shooting was closed and this morning at a Mossos checkpoint in this tourist town in Girona, this 22-year-old young man was identified and arrested. years.

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