Aragonés will appear before Parliament about his new Government on Wednesday, October 19

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will appear before the plenary session of Parliament on Wednesday of next week to explain the changes in his Government, after the departure of Junts and the incorporation of seven new directors.

Parliamentary sources have explained it this Tuesday, after the new ministers have taken office: the Minister of Economy, Natàlia Mas; Universities, Joaquim Nadal; Foreign Action, Meritxell Serret; Social Rights, Carles Campuzano; Justice, Gemma Ubasart; Health, Manel Balcells, and Territory, Juli Fernández.

Aragonès will intervene before the plenary from 9 am, and the various parliamentary groups will have a turn of ten minutes each to respond to the president; afterwards, the president may or may not open a response time, which would give each group five more minutes.

After the appearance of the president -which Aragonès has requested and which is mandatory when changing the composition of the Government-, the usual control session will be held with the Executive, already with the new ministers and without those of Junts.

Order of the day

The plenary session, the first in which Junts will be part of the opposition and not of the Government, will continue with a gloss on the former ERC deputy in Parliament and one of the founders of the Pòrtic publishing house, Josep Fornas, who died in 2021 at the 96 years.

The agenda of the plenary session, which will last until Friday, will also include the debate on the draft law of the Statistical Plan of Catalonia 2023-2028, as well as a proposal for a law from the CUP on education and one from Junts on the audio-visual field.

On the other hand, the Table has received the ruling of the Constitutional Court of an appeal for reconsideration that it presented in 2019 Cs on a CUP motion on self-government, which "has no effect" because the agreements have already been annulled, according to the same sources.

Board of Speakers

Other parliamentary sources have explained that in the Board of Spokespersons this Tuesday it has been shown that ERC has been "left alone" in the debate on the agenda of the next plenary session and also in its duration -- the Republicans were betting on a full of two days and finally it will be of three--.

Specifically, ERC did not want Junts' audiovisual law proposal to be included on the agenda of the next plenary session, something that has finally prospered after the vote of the parliamentary groups, according to the same sources.

Other sources from the groups have specified that ERC argued that the Govern's Statistical Plan bill, Junts' audiovisual law proposal and the modification of the CUP Education Law did not fit in a two-day plenary session, a debate that finally it has “forced” the plenary session to be extended by three days.

Aragonés would not "understand" that Junts rejected the Budgets without clarifying if it discards the PSC

On the other hand, Aragonès, has maintained this Tuesday that "it would not be understood" that Junts rejected the Catalan Budgets of 2023, since he considers that they have been prepared until now by the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, and he has not clarified whether he rules out seeking the PSC support before rolling over accounts. The president has defended that his priority is to approve the accounts with the formations that supported the investiture --Junts and CUP-- and the one that approved the last Budget --the commons--.

Aragonés has insisted that, if before leaving the Government, Junts considered that Giró's Budget project was good, they should approve it: "It would not be understood that Junts ruled itself out of the Budget that Junts has drawn up."

"Junts has abandoned the Government but it would be incomprehensible if it abandoned the citizenry," warned the president, for which he hopes that they will be responsible and participate in the governance of Catalonia, also in the approval of the accounts.

PSC or extension of budgets?

If Junts rejects the Budgets, Aragonès needs the support of the PSC, which has extended its hand to it, beyond that of the comuns or the CUP to approve the accounts, but has not made it clear if it would seek it or if it would prefer that they not be approved and that those of last year be extended: «I will not speculate with other scenarios».

This comes after on Saturday the leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, completely ruled out the PSC as a partner in the Budgets and opened the door to extend the accounts before seeking the support of the Socialists.

However, Aragonès has not been so forceful and has refused to advance this scenario: "Day by day, step by step and we will see the scenarios that open", so that he has not explicitly ruled out negotiating the Budgets with the PSC.

Likewise, he has stated that, if the accounts cannot be approved, the budget extension is not the "first option" but that it may be a possibility, and he has indicated that technically it would be possible to apply the measures he announced to deal with inflation without Budgets new.

limit delay

Aragonès has defended the need to have accounts in the current economic context, and has defended that the Budget project prepared by Giró is very advanced and that it is a "very good starting point".

The president has pointed out that now the team of the new Minister of Economy, Natàlia Mas, must finish outlining the project and that for this reason a "minimum" time is needed that will cause the initially planned budget procedures to be delayed.

In this sense, he pointed out that after the change in the Government "it is very difficult" for the accounts to be approved before January 1, as he initially intended, but he hopes that the procedures will not be delayed much longer.

variable geometry

When asked if he will bet on variable geometry in the Parlament, Aragonès has confirmed that during the legislature they have already achieved "broad agreements" such as the investiture, the approval of this year's Budgets and for the renewal of expired bodies, and that the will is to continue working with this vocation.

"My will is that there are agreements, but there is no predetermined course", highlighted the Catalan president, making it clear that he also wants to have Junts despite the fact that they have left the Government.

He has stressed that he has spoken with the comuns in recent days and that they have agreed to speak in the coming days, and he also has the desire to have "permanent contact" with the rest of the formations.

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