Aragonés calls his new councilors to serve "the entire Catalonia"

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, made this Tuesday a call to the ministers who join his Government to work for "the entire Catalonia" and the "great consensuses" in the current "difficult moment", and thanked the task of the JxCat ministers who have left the Executive.

This was stated in the institutional act of inauguration of the seven new ministers, held at the Palau de la Generalitat, prior to the first meeting of the Executive after the departure of JxCat.

The Govern, said Aragonès, begins "a new stage with a renewed team, which incorporates experience, a desire to improve and creativity", to "continue working with the ability to think, listen and speak to the whole of Catalonia, the whole country, without forgetting anyone and without underestimating any territory».

A new stage in which Aragonès will command a single-color ERC Executive with the incorporation of figures with outstanding careers in the former Convergència, the PSC and Podem Catalunya to give continuity to his Government, after the political crisis that led to the breakup of the government of coalition between ERC and JxCat.

Precisely the president started his speech by addressing the seven outgoing ministers of JxCat who have attended the event, with former vice president Jordi Puigneró at the helm, and thanking them for their "commitment" and their "work done", despite "the circumstances that have led to the fact that the Government that we started has not been able to continue ».

Aragonès has shown his conviction that a "positive assessment" will be made of this work because "there has always been the will and conviction to serve the public."

Message to the ministers: add and work for consensus

But beyond that gratitude, the speech (divided into two parts, before and after making the appointments) has been focused on directing a clear message to the seven new ministers.

They are Carles Campuzano (former CDC), in Social Rights; Joaquim Nadal (former PSC), in Research and Universities; Gemma Ubasart (ex of Podemos), in Justice, Rights and Memory; Manel Balcells, in Health; Natalia Mas, in Economy and Finance; Meritxell Serret, in Foreign Action; and Juli Fernández, in Territory.

Emphasizing that they assume this responsibility "without hesitation" at a "difficult" time due to the economic, social and geopolitical context, something that "says a lot" about them, Aragonès has relied on the "summary will" that they can contribute to the service of good common.

The head of the Catalan Executive has insisted on the three priorities of his roadmap as president: attend to the "emergencies" of the economic crisis; the transformation of the productive system, the fight against climate change and inequalities; and that the Catalans "freely decide their future" to "resolve the conflict" with the State.

"Important decisions"

“It is up to us to make very important decisions. I ask you never to forget that you owe yourselves to the whole of Catalonia, to the whole country, to each and every one of the citizens of Catalonia”, he reiterated. «In each and every one of the decisions you make, (...) work and think for the whole of Catalonia».

In this sense, he stated that in the face of "doubts" that may arise in the exercise of their duties, ministers should always think of "the great consensus that exists in Catalan society" and the "proposals in which the majority of our people feel represented. society".

And he has asked them to "look open, constructive, inclusive, focused on individual and collective rights and freedoms with maximum ambition", because Catalonia "has always been capable of advancing when it has thought big, without excluding anyone and without leaving anyone behind".

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