"And it goes ball!"

Pere Domènech has been the mythical voice of “¡Y va bola!” for more than fifteen years. in the traditional Raffle of the Confiture of the Orfeó Reusenc, but he has not lost an iota of the illusion of the first day. «I have not invented anything, this has always been sung like this», he explains. In the drum that spins at full speed, with 20 numbers inside, you are lucky enough to be able to take home some sweets or bottles of muscatel, hazelnut liqueur or vermouth.

"It is about being heard even through the window, on the street, and that everyone is encouraged to come," says Domènech. And boy does he get it. The act, which has been held coinciding with November 1 since 1926 – in the hardest part of the Covid it was telematic – recovered full normality in 2022, without the masks. Already very close to celebrating the centenary, he broke records. "Despite the fact that there is not much publicity, today in the morning a lot of people have come, perhaps as many as before the pandemic, and we have seen that there was a lot of desire," said the president of the entity, Albert Bermúdez, during the round Afternoon.

The obligatory stop at the Orfeó on the way back from the cemetery offered several novelties today. For the first time this year, a terrace was installed on the second floor, managed by the Orfeó bar, for a drink. And among the prizes included children's sweets and local and proximity products were especially promoted.

Up to ten different types of items were handed out, from cava to stale wine, passing through ratafía and creams, all of them in abundant quantities, to the hypnotic rhythm of “ball at one, ball at two, ball at three...! Bola va!», which Domènech intoned. Only in panellets, 25 kilos came out, this time made directly by the Racó de l'Orfeó.

A tradition shared between generations

And it is that the fondness for the Confitura Raffle "is passing from generation to generation and there are more and more children who come this day and have a good time," said Bermúdez, who indicated that "we try to preserve the ways of making , also in regard to how the raffle numbers are called.

Waiting in the room, those who had bought numbers checked them attentively and accumulated points to win the best of the particular showcase of the Orfeó, which reverts the funds from the raffle in the activity of the entity itself. Looking ahead to 2026, "we will probably prepare something different," Bermúdez advanced.

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