Allegations filed against the construction of a park with 13,700 solar panels in Montblanc

Montblanc City Council is totally opposed to the request made by a company to install a photovoltaic park in the municipality. It would be built in an area that the Consistory says would mortgage the future growth of the Logis. For this reason, he has presented a series of allegations, as he assures the Daily the mayor, Josep Andreu.

The petitioning company is Energies Renovables Terra Ferma SL, with headquarters in Barcelona. The aim is to build the photovoltaic solar plant called La Romiguera.

It would consist of 13,700 panels, with six MW of nominal power. And it would connect through a 25 kV underground line with the Montblanc electrical substation, where the connection point is located. It would occupy 15.08 hectares of undeveloped land located between the high-speed line and the AP-2 motorway, owned by Cimalsa, which put the land up for bid – two companies applied.

In case of having the approval of the Generalitat, the works would last about two years. And the project is linked to the future logistics complex of La Conca.

In 2020, the initiative was announced without any voices being raised against it. Now, with prospects for the implementation of the Bon Preu logistics center, it is expected that this will be a pole of attraction for new companies and that they will surely not fit in the little land that will remain.

For this reason, it is already foreseen that the industrial area can be expanded on the land on the other side of the high-speed line, which is where this photovoltaic park has been planned.

The City Council sees in this project a threat to expand its industrial potential, for which it has presented allegations. It ensures that they have no evidence that the project promoter has accredited, prior to the public information process, the availability or availability commitment of more than 50% of the land on which the solar installation is projected, including electrical substations and excluding accesses and evacuation lines.

The Consistory is also not aware that it has submitted, prior to the public information process, a local participation offer consisting of offering the possibility of participating, at least 20% of the ownership of the project or its financing, to people living in the municipality in which the facility is to be located, or in the municipalities adjoining this municipality or the region. The Consistory urges the Generalitat to ask the promoter for this documentation.

private utility

The City Council considers that it is a project of private utility "that does not provide any service to the residents of the municipality who, on the contrary, will be directly affected as the real opportunity to create other projects in this sector with clear social benefits will be lost. and cheap.

This project does not favor public utility. In this sense, the Consistory does not consider the implementation of this project "essential" to achieve the 2030 objective.

It is considered that the park in the future could be a brake on the establishment of new industries and, therefore, of jobs: «We consider that one of the best and maximum economic and social benefits for the inhabitants of the municipality is the well-being of people and families, which to a great extent and in most cases is linked to access to a job that guarantees them".

Another reason for disposal is that the photovoltaic plant is projected, at its northwest end, within the delimitation strip of land classified as conservation forest land. "We consider that, as stated in the environmental impact study, the intention is to minimize the risk of fire, the measure that best fulfills this task is to move away from danger."

The mayor of Montblanc, Josep Andreu, considers that the space where the photovoltaic plant is planned "must be reserved in case any other company comes." He recalls that the successful bidder only has a pre-contract with Cimalsa "without having advanced any money." He adds that the space is rented for 25 years. "Cimalsa has told us that now they would not do it, they would not put the land up for bid," says Andreu.

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