Alert for the scam that pretends to be the Tax Agency to steal bank details

A new "phishing" campaign that impersonates the Tax Agency, through false SMS messages to steal the bank details of the victims, has been detected in Spain, according to the cybersecurity company Avast.

This campaign is similar to the one that was released in June of this year, Avast said in a statement.

When the user who receives the message clicks on it, they are redirected to a page that supposedly refers to the Tax Agency.

In this way, it generates confidence so that the victim of the attack enters their credit card data, including the CCV and the pin code.

Finally, the introduction of a code is requested that will supposedly be received through an SMS (which the victim never receives), or by opening the bank application, from the phone itself, where a notification of the refund is supposed to be received, he explains. the note.

Avast advises users to delete such SMS, and if they are in doubt as to whether the message is real or fake "they should not click on any links or attachments".

Instead, they should contact their bank or the company the message appears to be coming from directly by visiting their website and using the contact information on their website.

In addition, you can see details that show that it is a scam, because although it tries to imitate the real website of the entity, it lacks functionality, since, for example, it does not change the language when selecting the option, although these appear deployed.

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