Aid of 40,000 euros for children of women murdered by sexist violence

The Generalitat wants to include in the next budgets items for raise to around 40,000 euros the compensation both for children of murdered mothers and for women victims of vicarious violence whose partner has killed their children to harm them.

In both cases, the application requirements will be lowered in order to no further revictimization of survivors and facilitate a repair that currently arrives late or never arrives, have explained sources from the Department of Equality and Feminisms.

The increase in compensation to the children of lten-516-dones-per-violencia-masclista-en-els-primers-nou-mesos-DG13046621">as women murdered victims of sexist violence is 500%, Going from charging 6,639 euros to 39,838.65 euroswhich is five times the annual Sufficiency Income Indicator in Catalonia (663.9 euros per month).

to get that help It will not be an essential requirement that the mother have filed a complaint nor provide a judicial sentence for the violence, since the Ministry of Equality and Feminisms recalls that the majority of women still do not go to justice or the police out of fear or due to the long judicial transit.

Until now, those determinants of denunciation and sentencing prior to the femicide left out a good part of the children who lost their mother.

Another novelty provided for in the bill that will accompany the budget items finalized by the Government is that women victims of vicarious violence whose children have been murdered by their father or partner also receive compensation economy of up to 39,838.65 euros.

This aid will be granted even if there is no prior judicial process open and even if the aggressor subsequently commits suicide, circumstances that previously made it difficult to access reparation.

Likewise, the Ministry works in parallel to the 2023 accounts, another legislative modification to improve reparation in cases of sexist violence: Victims must not prove injuries or sequelae through a medical statement if they have a final judicial sentence that already attests to the violence suffered.

So far, they point from the Department of Equality and Feminismsmany women were left out of compensation because the woman had been slow to file a complaint or whoever was analyzing them did not have a "gender perspective."

The Government considers that requesting these reports, beyond the judicial circuit, leads to "re-victimization" and in practice has led many women who were slow to take the step of denouncing to have given up continuing with the process.

The compensation provided for survivors of sexist violence is 3,319.80 euros (4,149.75 euros for those who have disabilities or are HIV-positive).

After the meeting of the Consell Exectiu last Tuesday, the Minister for Equality and Feminism, Tània Verge, has already advanced, without giving figures, that the Government's objective is that the budgets of her department "continue to grow" in the accounts for next year and He said that the increase in the field of sexist violence would be "important".

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