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The defeat in Zubieta against Real Sociedad B left the Nàstic coach, Raül Agné, in the abyss. One step away from impeachment. He was only saved by an argument that arose between the nerves and the tension in which the Board of Directors lived. That '6 out of 6' (win the next two games, yes or yes) as the only chance of survival for Mequinenza on the Nou Estadi bench. A situation that must be solved by hitting the men who will go out this Saturday to the lawn of the Grana fiefdom to face Numancia. He has no other. If there has been a moment in which the choice of eleven is crucial, it is this.

And apparently, he has more or less clear the decision to maintain confidence in the bulk of the team that has been starting in the last two days.

Beyond the result (win against Murcia and defeat against Real Sociedad B), the game was not bad at all at times. Only the second half would be left over in Zubieta. There was no salvation there. But then he had already made a change, that of Pol Domingo for Tirlea. A relay that worsened the scenario judging by the final movement of pieces, in which the player from Tarragona acted as central -instead of Trilles- and left the right side for Robert Simón. Everything indicates that this Saturday the chosen eleven will not be very different from those that have been in the last two days.

There is no doubt that Manu García will be under the sticks. Even in the worst games, the goalkeeper has always had a moment of clarity. Although his statistics are not those of last year, he is still if not the best, one of the best goalkeepers in the category.

In defense, Tirlea has a slight advantage to occupy the right side, with Pol Domingo rushing his options. It is at the Nou Estadi and that always gives the Búfalo de la Pobla de Montornés a plus. His performance at home always goes up a notch compared to what he has away from Tarragona.

In the axis of defense, Josema has earned the right to be considered the best of the three center backs right now. He is the most reliable and the one who contributes the most to the game with his ball output. If a few weeks ago everything was doubts around him, now nobody questions that the Madrid center-back has to play as a starter. His traveling companion against Numancia will almost certainly be Trilles. Not by choice, but because Quintanilla has little chance of making it to the game. The player himself questioned his availability at the press conference last Tuesday. He still has physical problems and won't clean up for another seven days.

Nor does it seem that there will be changes in the left-back, where Joan Oriol will exercise his total dominance in the position, as he has been doing since he recovered from his preseason injury. Since then, Nil Jiménez, who had covered the absence of Cambrilense, has not played a minute.

Being at home, the double pivot has many numbers to keep up with Marc Montalvo and Pedro del Campo. As long as Agné does not return to her original idea of ​​moving the Figueres midfielder to the left side, as a false winger. In that case, Èric Montes, almost unheard of in the last two weeks, would have an advantage over Ander Gorostidi who was left touched after his performances in the first games of the season.

The offensive phase will count as usual with two battering rams. The normal thing would be for Pablo Fernández and Guillermo Fernández to be, with some possibility, somewhat remote, that Lupu appears at the beginning.

Marc Álvarez continues to give reasons to remain a starter, so there would only be one free place left. A position for which Robert Simón would compete, untouchable until a few weeks ago; Aarón Rey, weighed down by his irregularity; Andy Escudero, who has been conspicuous by his absence on the pitch; and Pochettino, with few options.

A decisive puzzle for Agné, since it could be the last. Only victory would keep him in office for another week.

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