Aaron, 'King' of assists

The grana fans were somewhat frustrated with the collective performance of Nàstic, but also with that of some of their players. Signings that had not taken the step forward that was expected. Among them was Aaron Rey. The Galician attacker arrived from Sabadell with the label of being one of the most unbalanced players in the entire category. Don't be fooled, he was and is because there are already too many brush strokes that he has given in the bronze to doubt it.

In Agné's scheme, Rey had not found the strength of her virtues. He looked subdued. He tried, but he didn't create the havoc that he used to create in Nova Creu Alta. There last year he destroyed Nàstic himself and fell in love with a grana hobby that marked him in red for his list of dreams.

The talented footballer from Ferrol had played on the wings and even as a second striker. Agné had placed him in different game areas to try to find the best version of him, but he didn't come. Everything was too discontinuous. As if he only had the fuel to perform a couple of magical actions per game.

A post against Calahorra and a good play on the wing against Intercity had been his most striking contributions in recent games.

Against Murcia, Agné returned him to the left side and seemed to give him freedom. Not too many minutes of the game passed and King's face predicted commotion. He stepped on the ball, he looked dynamic, fresh and eager for prominence. Come on, that lofty version that Nàstic signed was beginning to be seen.

The first goal was born from his boots, although it would be unfair not to give credit to the tremendous shot that Guillermo took. Of course, the Galician had the ability to break waists and find the Basque inside the area to tie the game. ClickRey's head seemed at that moment to finally come loose. The storm that was predicted was completely given and the grana game turned to the left because there was a player who had the day.

The second part was confirmation that Rey wanted to win that match alone. He didn't, but almost. He invented two plays in which he was as decisive as he was clear. He did not cloud over in the sea of ​​legs. He first led a counter with quality and naturalness and left Pablo Fernández alone before the goalkeeper who did not fail.

Then he received a leather on the front and quickly detected the rise of Joan Oriol on the left side, he found him in full flight and the Cambrilense did not fail. The firecracker was confirmed, Rey had achieved a triplet of assists.

Beyond his direct impact with the three goal passes, Rey was a combinative, electric player who gave the last pass. A profile that Nàstic missed last year and that this year found for the first time. That's why he was signed and that's why the ovation at the Nou Estadi when he was substituted was thunderous. Rey is one of those players that he falls in love with.

Compliments of Agne

Agné was dazzled by a player who has always made her fall in love. In the press room at the Nou Estadi he ratified him as one of the best players in the category. “If he is not the best, he is one of the best players in the category in his position. What happens is that the players who are differential, are also different in their way of being and you have to know how to treat them and today we have begun to see what we want from Aarón, ”said the Nàstic coach. Big words, but he really believes it because there are strong arguments for it.

The best version of Rey is yet to come, as recognized by the Galician himself, but last Sunday's version is very close. He has always been a footballer with a differential talent, if he once and for all begins to add tangibles to him, the First RFEF will be too small for him.

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