A voluntary certificate will assess the sustainability of farmers and ranchers

Agricultural and livestock farms will be able to assess their sustainability from next year and obtain a certificate that highlights their good practices, as a promotional tool for consumers. The Department of Climate Action of the Generalitat has presented, within the framework of COP27, the Sustainable Agricultural Production (PAS) project, with the aim that more than 50% of Catalan farms are sustainable by 2030.

To this end, work is being done on a new law and a voluntary certificate is created that will accredit respectful management with the environment, with the social environment, labor rights and the economic viability of the exploitation.

From the environmental point of view, factors such as saving and managing water, caring for biodiversity, the use of phytosanitary products, the good condition of the soil, air and materials and the energy used, in addition to animal welfare, will be considered. The economic block will evaluate aspects such as labor rights, decent living conditions, equality and occupational safety or health. While the economic milestone will take into account aspects such as investment, vulnerability risk, the local economy or generational change, among others.

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Currently, 9% of farms and 6.3% of livestock farms produce according to quality certifications, according to data from the Generalitat. To facilitate the transformation of the sector towards increasingly sustainable models, Acció Climàtica will set up a "sustainability calculator" with the aim that "it will become a useful and self-improvement tool for the sector". Users will be able to obtain their own sustainability profile through a graphic representation of the state of their exploitation. "To facilitate the management of this tool and accompany the sector in this process, we will articulate one of the lines of economic aid that are provided for in the framework of the Strategic Food Plan of Catalonia", according to the Minister Teresa Jordà.

In Terres de l'Ebre, the certificate can be a complement to the quality seal of the Biosphere Reserve, which many producers in the territory already have in sectors such as oil, wine, citrus or rice.

As the general director of Agriculture and Livestock, Elisenda Guillaumes, explains in the Diario, it is an innovative model that other territories want to implement and that work is being done to regulate and standardize at a European level. "We believe that it can be a very useful tool for the primary sector, on the one hand as an element that encourages self-improvement, and also as a tool for external communication of the products", remarks Guillaumes, stressing that consumers are increasingly aware and They are committed to the consumption of local products and made in a way that respects the environment and the social environment.

In this way, the aim is to accompany the agricultural sector to carry out a "necessary transition" on the horizon of the year 2030.

"Achieving a sustainable agri-food system will be one of our best tools to guarantee food sovereignty and at the same time combat the effects of the climate emergency", remarks Minister Jordà.

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