A tour of the facades of Reus

From north to south, passing through the center. The Urban Sketchers group from Reus proposes a tour of the city from a very particular perspective: that of 29 artists who have captured facades and corners of the capital of Baix Camp on paper. Casa Navàs, the Pension Fund building, the Prat de la Riba School, the buildings in Plaza del Mercadal; the La Fira Shopping Center, Mas Miarnau; or the façade of the current Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital. These are just some of the locations that, until November 19, can be seen at the Cal Massó Art Center, with the exhibition facades.

The exhibition, inaugurated this Thursday afternoon, arises from the work carried out by the Urban Sketchers group from Reus, a "free", "alternative" group in which one can sign up "without conditions", explains Teresa Felip, a member of this group artistic made up of forty people. This is the third time they have exhibited, "but this time we have focused on the facades" which, as Felip describes, "are the skin of the city", part of Reus's heritage. Each of the 29 participants in this exhibition has chosen a dozen drawings and, therefore, in total there are 300 works hanging on the Cal Massó panels, organized by areas of the city. Despite the freedom of each artist to choose, they have tried to have enough diversity and, thus, guarantee a complete tour. "Each one has their own style, they fixate on different things... And it's curious to see how different results come from the same place," two members of the group explain while reviewing some of the drawings.

The exhibition is divided into three spaces: the first as a welcome, with panels on what a façade is and also on drawing, accompanied by a small artistic exhibition; a second central space with the works related to the facades; and a third as a tribute to Josep Maria Mas. He was a member of the group until he traded last year. "He immediately entrusted us with his enthusiasm for painting, his taste for things well done and his desire to learn," one panel recalls. Inside the room: a compilation of his traces.

Two weekly departures

The Urban Sketchers collective in Reus was formed seven years ago “and we are somewhat anarchist”, laughs Teresa Felip. Remember that you can target everyone. “We don't give classes, and you learn from day to day. Simply yours and you draw », defines her. The group makes two outings a week: Thursdays and Saturdays. Felipe is the one who chooses the locations, although, as she recalls, there are many determining factors, from the weather to the preferences of the artists. Once in place, they sit, watch and draw for about two hours. Showing the results is up to each one.

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