A TGN court recognizes the right of a single mother to enjoy 16 weeks of paternity leave

The contentious-administrative court 2 of Tarragona has recognized the right of a single mother to enjoy paternity leave after exhausting the maternity leave. In all, 32 weeks. The court thus considers the appeal filed by the woman against an appeal from the Generalitat that refused to recognize the additional 16 weeks and limited them to four.

The administration defended that the one that was applicable is its own agreement that regulates the permission of a single-parent family to enjoy four weeks and not 16 as the woman requested. The court considers that the new state regulations that extended paternity leave to 16 weeks are applicable, although the agreement itself has not yet been adapted.

CGT Ensenyament has celebrated the ruling and has encouraged other affiliates in the same situation to put an end to this "injustice". In fact, they have explained that they are supporting other similar complaints that they hope will also end in favorable sentences. Even so, they have called for regulatory change to prevent mothers of single-parent families from having to resort to justice to obtain this recognition.

In this sense, the union has wondered if the Department of Education will accept the judicial position or present an appeal against the sentence, which is not final.

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