A Tarragona monitor enters prison for an alleged sexual assault on a child

On Thursday, November 3, a neighbor of Tarragona He appeared at the Mossos d'Esquadra police station located in the Campclar neighborhood of Tarragona after being summoned by the Autonomous Police. On him fell a complaint of a possible crime of sexual assault on a minor of about 10 years. An accusation of some events that would have happened in Tarragona and recently.

The accused did not leave the police station and was detained pending trial, as confirmed by Mossos sources, who have declined to give more information about the case due to the delicacy of the matter with minors involved.

The next day, Friday, November 4, the man entered the courts guarded by Mossos to testify and the magistrate of the Investigating Court number 4 of Tarragona ordered provisional prison communicated and without bail for this Tarragona accused of a crime of sexual abuse. This has been confirmed by judicial sources to the newspaper.

The defendant works as a real estate consultant in addition to being a monitor for children and adolescents in the Vila-seca City Council. In addition to being a real estate advisor and monitor, the accused would be in the ranks of an emerging party where he would be the coordinator of this patriotic political group in the city of Salou, as expressed on social networks.

On Friday, once he was brought to court and entered the Mas d'Enric prison, sources from the investigation unofficially alerted the council that this monitor would be absent for a season due to the reasons explained above.

The accused resides in a neighborhood of Ponent and is a worker of the Youth Area of ​​the Vila-seca town hall. Nevertheless, the same sources indicate that the complaint of the crime with which he is accused has nothing to do with his job in Vila-secabut it is a complaint made in Tarragona and probably the alleged crime would have been committed in other spaces where he would act as a monitor.

One of the locations where I would lend a hand is located in a religious center in the Ponent neighborhoods of the city of Tarragona.

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