A routine inspection finds an arsenal from the Civil War in Calafell

What had to be a routine inspection by the Civil Guard for a resident of Calafell to renew his collector's book, has made it possible to locate an arsenal at home that lacked the corresponding license and certificate of deactivation.

The weapons and explosive material were exposed in the different rooms of the house. The specialists in the Intervention of Weapons and Explosives (IAE) warned of the situation and the Tedax had to go to intervene the material.

In total, 28 short weapons, 19 long weapons, 16 hand grenades and 4 artillery projectiles from the Civil War were found. Part of this material was intervened to later determine his whereabouts.

The Tedax inspected the artillery projectile grenades, making sure they were being handled and that they did not have an explosive charge. One of the grenades retained its explosive charge and activation mechanism, so it was safely removed and rendered useless.

The Civil Guard warns of the risk of this weapon from the Civil War due to its danger.

Since 1985 the Tedax of the Civil Guard of Tarragona have deactivated more than 900 grenades from the Civil War. They account for 40% of the total explosive devices found in the province and are the most dangerous due to their ease of being activated accidentally.

With regard to weapons, part of them have had to be intervened for not having a certificate of deactivation and the corresponding collector's license. This is the case of 17 muzzle-loading weapons, 9 long and 8 short, but due to their age and deterioration they were not in a condition to be used either.

The hand grenades and artillery shells were or were fully seized.

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