A partially collapsed building will pass into the hands of the Montblanc City Council

angel juanpere

Mont Blanc

A building located on Carrer del Hospital, very close to the Pont Vell de Montblanc, will pass into municipal hands. It is a building that at the beginning of August partially collapsed. The City Council and the owners of the farm have signed a pre-agreement to buy the property.

The Consistory has initially planned to allocate some 50,000 euros to save the building, which is one of the oldest houses in the town. The mayor, Josep Andreu, points to the Daily that the upper part will be torn down as it is in very bad condition. Part of the roof fell because they put cement and the beams could not support the weight.

A first step, says the mayor, is to remove the debris from the street and when it is owned, action will be taken to carry out conservation tasks. Once fixed, it will be the warehouse for the Fiestas Commission. Andreu points out that the 50,000 euros will come from what the Consistory will receive for the Cimalsa industrial estate.

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