"A Matter of Confidence or Choices"

The general secretary of JxCat, Jordi Turull, has indicated this Saturday to the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, two solutions to the current situation in Catalonia: either he submits to a matter of confidence to check if he has sufficient parliamentary support or calls elections anticipated.

On a visit to Móra la Nova to support the mayor of JxCat in the municipality, Xenia Ripoll, Turull has referred to the new context generated after Junts' decision to break with ERC and leave the Government chaired by Aragonés.

According to Turull, Aragonès “must reflect”, because in a year and a half of the legislature he has “lost the confidence” of the 41 deputies of JxCat and the CUP, who contributed to his investiture and who now consider that the president “is not fulfilling » the agreements you signed.

"Due to a matter of democratic radicalism", he warned, Aragonès "has two solutions": either "seek new alliances" to overcome a question of trust in Parliament, or call new elections, "as they have done in other countries Europeans".

Neither of the two options, he has remarked, "depend on JxCat, but on the president of the Generalitat himself", who, however, has already expressed his willingness to continue governing in the minority.

Regarding the fracture in the independence movement, he denounced that the ERC "was moving far away from unity" between parties and entities in favor of independence.

Turull is in favor of rebuilding the independence unit and "redrawing a shared roadmap", because "it is time to take action again": "There will be no JxCat", he said.

"People ask us to act accordingly, not to go backwards," he stressed, but JxCat "concluded that we were going backwards instead of moving forward."

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