A man dies in a traffic accident in Montblanc

Y man has lost his life shortly before seven this afternoon in a traffic accident that occurred in the municipality of mt blanc.

The deceased was driving on the road C-241d from Sarral towards Montblanc (Barberà Basin). In the curve that is about 800 meters from the roundabout of La Guardia dels Prats he left the road on the left side, collided with an olive tree and, after traveling several meters through a vineyard field, he was left tipped over.

Three fire departments -from the Valls and Montblanc parks, as well as from the Emergency Region-, two SEM ambulances and several Mossos d'Esquadra patrols have traveled to the site.

Firefighters have rescued the victim from inside the vehicle, a bmw x3 and, once outside, the health services have proceeded to resuscitation for about 20 minutes with a negative result.

This is the 148th victim who has died in a traffic accident in Catalonia.

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