a little wine and oil

The forceful drop in temperature this weekend did not stop all the people who wanted to taste the grape harvest breakfast of the 26th Vila-rodona Young Wine Festival. The entrance to the Bodega Cooperativa y Sección de Crédito de Vila-rodona was full of people queuing up to taste the new oil and novel wine of this 2022 vintage.

At nine in the morning they began to distribute the first courses, while the kilometric queue, which continued around the cooperative's facilities, little by little became shorter. The president of Castell d'Or and the Bodega Cooperativa de Vila-rodona, Adrià Rabadà, made a very positive assessment of the day and stated that it was once again "a success like last year".

Rabadà explained how in the previous season, when the party celebrated its 25th edition, a change in the format was opted for, which ended up being a complete triumph. "This year we have repeated it, improving somewhat," he stressed. The tent sheltered from the wind hundreds of people who passed by throughout the morning to taste different wines and products related to the vineyard and the olive tree. "The truth is that although the weather has changed and it's a bit cool, the sun is good and we're very happy," added the president of the Vila-rodona Cooperative Winery.

a thousand attendees

At eleven thirty in the morning, some 300 people were still waiting to enter the venue. In total, approximately a thousand people attended breakfast, from nine in the morning until almost lunchtime.

From the organization they assured that the attendance figures were higher than those of the 25th edition, when there were still some small restrictions due to Covid-19. "There are many more people than last year," agreed Ahmed El Manii, one of the volunteers organizing the Young Wine Festival. They had anticipated the volume of people with a greater quantity of products such as bread, tomato or oil, but they did not rule out having to go looking for more at the last minute.

Attendees were able to taste young wines in the tasting area with inflatables for the little ones

The president of the Bodega Cooperativa de Vila-rodona justified the long queues due to the success of the participation. "You have to have some understanding because serving more than a thousand breakfasts voluntarily, through partners and collaborators is complex." It is not just a factor of this year, and Rabadà assured that every year they try to improve it.

Breakfast is not the only attraction of the event. This year they have repeated the visits to the cooperative's facilities with historical explanations and photographs, and the inflatables outside for the youngest members of the family. These activities were carried out for the first time in last year's edition. "Every year we try to make one more peseta and correct things to improve," said Rabadà. People who purchased the eight euro ticket for breakfast were able to attend one of the three guided tours that took place at eleven, twelve and one in the afternoon.

For his part, the mayor of Vila-rodona, Ramon M. Bricollé, pointed out the importance of all the agents and volunteers who are part of the organization of this festival. "All the collaboration that exists at the village level is very important," said the mayor.

"We are delighted that the Agricultural Cooperative continues to organize this party, it is impressive to the people who are in this typical breakfast that everyone likes," he added.

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