A judge imposes a bail of 65 million euros on the network that falsified DO wines

The owner of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Reus (Baix Camp) today imposed a bond of 65 million euros on the network of companies that falsified wine labels with designation of origin (DO).

According to the interlocutory, the judge summons the companies to deposit a solidarity bond of 65,000,000 euros in ten days Land Reserve, Viña Tridado, Bodegas Altza, Corporación Vinícola Solitierra, Golf Global Vines and Batevins as legal persons. The joint and several bond is extended to six executives of these companieswhich, according to the judge, shared facilities and registered office.

Those investigated "fraudulently marketed bottles of wine as if they were from the mentioned denominations of origin, but they are not." In this way, fake DO wines were sold Terra Alta, Montsant, Priorat, Tarragona and Catalonia to Lidl, Mercadona and Charter supermarkets.

For which, "in a way totally alien to the Regulatory Councils", they commissioned a company from Murcia "adhesives that imitate with enough precision the design of the Original Guarantee Badges".

In addition, the numbers of the assigned series are repeated "even more than 30 times" on the labels. In this way, the Land Reserve group fraudulently sold, according to the calculations of the Mossos d'Esquadra that the judge reviews, half of the 30 to 35 million bottles that came in the year between 2019 and 2020.

The prosecution also requested 25 million euros for the damages caused to the DOs, but the judge did not include them in his resolution because "they have not been duly justified."

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