A drone cage, garbage cameras or a 'bikepark' in the Participatory Budgets 2022 of Reus

Since October 3, a new edition of the Reus Participatius Pressupostos, the 2022, is underway. Citizens can make proposals through participa.reus.cat (where the bases are also) and at the ballot box that runs through the municipality, until November 6. The first recorded ideas online They are over thirty.

Neighbors have varied preferences. They ask from a cage for drone flight near the Skatepark even cameras to monitor the incivility of the garbage, passing through a bike park or one pump track for bikes and skates.

The classics also have a place among the initiatives. Some claim to create a park in the Plaza de la Patacada and dignify it, add more trees to the Llibertat, remove aerial wiring, improve the sidewalks, reform the Paseo del Raval de Sol i Vista, green areas, pipicanes and cleaning. One proposes to increase the security of the zebra crossings and place traffic lights on the main arteries. Another, reform Navarra street and some, a railing between the Escola Prat de la Riba street.

There are saving ideas, such as the one aimed at solar panels in municipal car parks. Another asks for LED streetlights and to eliminate the high spotlights that bother Sant Joan street; and one, light in the avenue of Salou. Rewarded recycling machines have aroused interest and, in the field of sport, circuits of run or the expansion of bike lanes.

Acoustic screens in the field of Mas Iglesias

A shelter for the homeless, an acoustic screen against the noise of the Mas Iglesias football field, a motorhome area or digital learning spaces are already in the participation portal. In it, a new step in Bellissens or maintaining the Mercat del Carrilet is also proposed, despite the fact that the government has already announced plans in this regard.

The economic endowment of this edition, which was going to be 1.4 million, has been reduced to one because "those are the possibilities of the City Council", as indicated by the Councilor for Participation, Montserrat Flores, who celebrates the diversity of the proposals and that "the city sees that the Presupostos Participatius are useful."

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